Wanna contribute?

No, we don’t want your money! 🙂 We would love to have guest writers write articles for us!

But here’s the deal: we have standards.

We want perfect grammar and spelling.

We want accuracy when it comes to continuity and to the little things. If you don’t know what person died when, you probably need to look it up before writing down stuff that doesn’t make sense.

We don’t want articles referring to real-life THG stuff, like the movies. This entire website is a VIEW of what Panem media would resemble after their rebellion.

Make sure you read the most recent articles to ensure that you aren’t breaking continuity.

The article CANNOT be short (a couple of sentences, etc.). It must be at least a medium length (what the shortest article is right now) and must contain a quote if referring to a certain person or organization.

All opinionated articles are editorials and shall be labeled as such.

All articles must go through Ryan (panemfreepress) and Chrissy (chrissyrebekah).


Okay, so since that’s settled, now we get down to business.

If you would like to guest write or editorialize for Panem Free Press, please send your completed article/editorial to panemfreepress@gmail.com.

All articles must be completed and fit the standards listed above, and also must have a title.

If your article does not meet standards, you will receive a message notifying you of our decision for a revision, and you may begin the process again.

If you begin to regularly contribute and meet our standards every time, you may receive a chance to join our ranks as a full-time author. Your articles will still be reviewed, but you will not be required to go through the standard email process.


Thank you for your interest in the Panem Free Press.

Head Editor Ryan

Senior Editor Chrissy


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