Vice Presidential Election

Though considered a down-ballot election, the Vice Presidential election can influence an administration as much as a presidential election. The first Vice President, Plutarch Heavensbee, is a Liberty Party member from the Capitol and decided to forgo a reelection campaign. However, he has resigned after a prostitution scandal, and independent Tyler Thompson, previously Governor of District 5, has been appointed to the rest of Heavensbee’s term. Vice President Thompson has indicated that he will not run for reelection. A primary battle has erupted for the Liberty Party’s VP nomination, and only three remain: Secretary of State Celine Oswald, Governor Gale Hawthorne of District 2, and Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison. The results are so close that it may be possible that there isn’t a presumptive nominee before the convention and that a consensus candidate, who may have run or have turned down the opportunity to run, may be selected over the three.


Gale Hawthorne, District 2 Governor

Jonathan Madison, Secretary of Defense

Celine Oswald, Secretary of State and former presidential contender

Joan Kindred, District 9 Representative – Labor Party presumptive nominee

Reyna Fults, District 6 Attorney General – People for Panem presumptive nominee

Samuel Trenton, former Speaker of the Panem House of Representatives – Civic Party presumptive nominee


Sextimus Dalton, District 2 Representative – People for Panem 

Dale Wilson, District 4 Governor

Amy Oaksmith, District 7 Governor


Plutarch Heavensbee, former Vice President

Tyler Thompson, incumbent Vice President


BREAKING: Wilson and Oaksmith out of Liberty VP primary

SUPERPRIMARIES: Results declared in primaries

SUPERPRIMARIES: Multiple primaries to be held today

GALLERY: Superprimaries and nominees

GALLERY: District 4 primaries

BREAKING: Results of Liberty Party VP primary in D4


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