PROFILE: President Katniss Everdeen


President Katniss Delia Everdeen is the second and incumbent President of the Republic of Panem. Born in District 12 under the tyrannical reign of then-President Coriolanus Snow IV, Katniss led a typical life of starvation and mistreatment by the authoritarian government of Panem. When she was 16, her life was ripped apart when her sister was selected as a tribute for the 74th Annual Hunger Games. Selflessly volunteering herself to serve in her sister’s place, Katniss eventually defeated all others in the Games, making history alongside future husband and First Gentleman Peeta Mellark as the first dual victors of the Hunger Games. Unfortunately for Katniss, both she and Peeta sparked rebellions throughout Panem, catching the attention of President Snow. This is widely thought to be the reason why the two were forced to enter the arena once again as tributes in the third Quarter Quell, which was notoriously disrupted by the Panem Revolution.

After the Games, Katniss served as the symbol of the Revolution, the Mockingjay. Upon the ending of the Revolution and the capture of the dictator Snow, she was selected to execute Snow. In a change of events, she decided to forgo his execution and assassinate an equally tyrannical leader: the newly crowned President of the United Districts of Panem, Alma Coin. In the chaos following the incident, Snow was killed. Katniss was ultimately pardoned of wrongdoing in the assassination by President Cecelia Paylor, who served as the first President of the Republic of Panem. For the deaths of Presidents Snow and Coin, along with her military involvement in the Revolution, Katniss is widely attributed to be a main reason for the Revolution’s success and for the establishment of a democracy in Panem after such a tyrannical government.

Following the events of the Revolution, Katniss married Peeta Mellark. However, the war was not the end of Katniss’s services to the nation of Panem. Though she lived a life of peace back once again in District 12, Katniss considered then-President Cecelia Paylor to be overstepping her boundaries akin to Presidents Snow and Coin. Not wishing to cause deaths and conflict, Katniss announced that she would be doing the democratic thing to do in this situation: running against President Paylor. Despite lack of political experience, Katniss’s name recognition along with her knowledge of the military proved her a major competitor against then-District 13 Governor Celine Oswald and the incumbent President. Katniss and Governor Oswald became the main two fighting for the Presidency later in the campaign, and this showed on election night, when Katniss edged out a close victory of only 55 electoral votes over the Governor, who received 46.

During the transition period between President Paylor and President Everdeen, the newly formed Liberty Party extended an offer to the incoming President- to serve as its leader. The Liberty Party had won an outstanding majority in the House and a simple majority in the Senate, and the party’s ideals were incredibly similar to President Everdeen’s. Thus, the incoming President accepted the offer, becoming the first Panem president in several hundred years to be not only democratically elected, but to also belong to a political party.

President Everdeen took office on January 1st, as expected, but not without incident. During the inauguration ceremony of the President, Governor Oswald, who was sitting near to the stage, was the victim of an attempted assassination as District 13 Snow sympathizer John Landon stabbed her repeatedly. The inauguration was halted for at least an hour as they incarcerated Landon, ensured the safety of the incoming President, outgoing President Paylor, and incoming Vice President Plutarch Heavensbee, as well as making sure that Governor Oswald was properly transported to the nearest medical facility to ensure that her life was saved.

The Everdeen administration, in comparison to the Paylor administration, has been much more eventful. While the Paylor administration was responsible for many reforms, it could also be considered a transitional administration in Panem history due to the lack of a vice president as well as a lack of a strong President. However, as President, Katniss Everdeen has continued on with many reforms of President Paylor, along with many needed ones as well. President Everdeen has also presided over the Panem-IANO War, with a major victory for Panem that ensured the safety of Panem from international invasion as well as from the forced destruction of Panem’s nuclear stockpiles, which are the only nuclear stockpiles left in the entire world.

In this election cycle we will select to either remove or reelect President Everdeen- and she has proven that she will not go down without a fight. Sweeping through the Liberty Party’s mandatory primaries for the presidential nomination without any opposition, it seems that President Everdeen cannot be stopped. However, three candidates have stepped up to the challenge: Senator Richard Canth (Labor-D7), former President Cecelia Paylor (Civic-D8), and Senator Sandra Morrison (People for Panem-D9). Though she has yet to lose her lead in the polls, these challengers are pressing the President to run a campaign with no room for error.

So far, President Katniss Everdeen has been and will be a historic and potentially divisive leader throughout Panem’s recent history. It will be, without a smidgen of a doubt, interesting to watch history unfold throughout her presidency and whatever else she will pursue afterwards.


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