Welcome to Panem Free Press’s Presidential Election HQ, where you can find exclusive news and information regarding the upcoming election.


President Katniss Everdeen (Liberty-D12), incumbent

President Cecelia Paylor (Civic-D8), former

Senator Rick Canth (Labor-D7)

Senator Sandra Morrison, (People for Panem-D9)


Vice President Plutarch Heavensbee, former (Liberty-Capitol)

Vice President Tyler Thompson, incumbent (Independent-D5)

Governor Gale Hawthorne (Liberty-D2)

Governor Amy Oaksmith (Liberty-D7)

Governor Dale Wilson (Liberty-D4)

Secretary of State Celine Oswald (Liberty-D13)


GALLERY: Superprimaries and nominees

BREAKING: Dalton and Umphrey out, PfP ticket finalized

SUPERPRIMARIES: Results declared in primaries

SUPERPRIMARIES: Multiple primaries to be held today


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