PROFILE: Secretary Tyler Thompson


Secretary Tyler Thompson was born in the heart of District 5. Born to a single mother, Thompson was left to fend for himself at the the age of fourteen when his mother passed away. He took up gambling on the Hunger Games as an easy way of making money and surviving another day. He knew just what to look for in a victor, and he used this to his advantage in his bets.

Such knowledge of victors came in handy when he was selected to compete in the 72nd Annual Hunger Games. The odds were completely against him, as District 5 hadn’t won the Hunger Games since the 57th iteration of the Games. However, choosing to wield a sickle, he cut down the Career tributes from Districts 1, 2, 3, and 4 first, then taking down the less threatening ones last. Panem was shocked when District 5 gained its first victor in fifteen years. However, another close call with the Games occurred with the third Quarter Quell, where Thompson was selected again, but was volunteered for.

After the Games were over, Thompson mentored like other victors, knowing that these kids had little chance of winning. This is the main reason that he says he joined the rebel cause in District 5. Topping the ranks as the rebel leader in District 5, he led his battalions to victory, gaining control of District 5 rather quickly during the Rebellion.

With a military record, Thompson decided that he would be best to take time away from the public eye. Until the Paylor government was inaugurated, Thompson pursued private ventures, amassing a fortune of several million dollars. After he built his fortune, he burst back onto the public scene, announcing his independent run for governor of District 5.

An independent run for any public office in Panem is already improbable. Thompson did what most couldn’t- he ran an efficient campaign that pointed to his experience in Panem’s history, along with his business record. Ultimately, he beat out his closest opponent, Liberty Party nominee Laura Feingold by a margin of 56 to 34, with 10 percent for assorted other candidates.

As governor, Thompson pursued economic prosperity and financial security for District 5. Through his organization and cooperation with officials, regardless of the party they were a part of, he completed his plan and District 5 is the most economically secure District in Panem. Governor Thompson was easily reelected two years later in the midterm elections.

Governor Thompson, as a successful governor, was speculated to be a presidential contender against then-President Cecelia Paylor, but opted not to run after then-Governor Celine Oswald of District 13 decided to challenge the president. As a megadonor, his money pushed Oswald clearly ahead in the polls. However, Katniss Everdeen lit up the presidential scene when she announced her campaign, trouncing Governor Oswald and the incumbent president.

Recently, a scandal hit the Capitol and caused for Thompson to be challenged more than ever before, as he was selected and confirmed by the Panem Senate to be the new Vice President of Panem, succeeding Plutarch Heavensbee. Thompson stated that he “did not take the job lightly, but with much thought on what this means for him, for his family, for the government, and for the people of Panem.”

Thompson stated later in his term that he would not run for reelection. This set off a massive Liberty Party primary to determine his successor on Everdeen’s ticket. Ultimately, after a bruising primary between Secretaries Oswald and Madison and Governor Hawthorne, Secretary of State Celine Oswald won the nomination and later, the election. Thompson gracefully made way for the new VP.

After Oswald’s election, it was announced by President Everdeen that she would create the Department of International Trade. She nominated former VP Tyler Thompson to be the inaugural secretary of the department, and he took office upon approval by the Senate.


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