Political Parties of Panem

As of the most recent events in the political scene of Panem, there are currently five major parties: the Liberty Party, the Conservative Party, the Labor Party, the Civic Party, and the Centre Party. All five parties are somewhat represented at different levels of government, and all have varying and sometimes matching viewpoints on key issues.

The Liberty Party:              Liberty Party

The Liberty Party is the current ruling political party in Panem. It controls the Presidency, the Vice Presidency, the House of Representatives in a leadership coalition with the Conservative Party, the Senate in a supermajority, eleven governorships, eleven lieutenant governorships, and a majority of district legislatures. The Liberty Party’s main flag-bearer is President Peeta Mellark of District 12. The Liberty Party runs on a platform supporting an increase of national defense with use of force if absolutely required, financial solvency, anti-corruption measures, and limited government among other stances. They also favor lower taxes for everyone, not just the middle and lower classes. Key people involved besides President Peeta Mellark include Vice President Rebecca Tarson, Secretary of State Jonathan Madison, Secretary of Defense Valère Descoteaux, Secretary of the Treasury Rosalie Descoteaux, Secretary of the Interior Amy Oaksmith, Secretary of Intelligence Gale Hawthorne, former President and First Lady-designate Katniss Everdeen, and former President Dale Wilson. The national ticket for the Liberty Party in the last election was President Peeta Mellark/Vice President Rebecca Tarson.

The Conservative Party:Conservative Party

The Conservative Party is the second governing political party in Panem. Throughout President Rick Canth’s term, the Conservative Party grew to be one of the strongest in Panem. However, following his scandal and impeachment, the Conservatives lost their foothold in government at many levels. The party is represented by many mayors in cities throughout Panem’s districts, as well as having control of twenty-five representatives in the House of Representatives, two governorships, two lieutenant governorships, and a single district legislature. Following this past election, the Conservatives formed a governing coalition with the Liberty Party, giving them joint control of the House of Representatives. The Conservatives’ standard-bearer is former Governor Kaitlyn Jones of District 11. The Conservative Party runs on a platform that is more comparable to the Liberty Party: one that supports national security, favors lower taxes, and limited government. However, they split in their support of interventionism when threatened, varying support for eco-friendly measures, and varying stances on social issues. Other key figures include Governor Cooper McPharlin, Governor Glenn Beckham, Representative Kari Lyles, and former VP nominee and Secretary of the Treasury Kurtis Pierce. The national ticket for the Conservative Party in the last election was former Governor Kaitlyn Jones/Secretary Delia Sutherland.

The Centre Party: Centre Party

The Centre Party is the newest political party in Panem, controlling 54 members of the Panem House of Representatives, making them the official opposition party in the House, three Senate seats, two governorships, a lieutenant governorship, and a district legislature. The Centre Party lives up to its name; the party itself lies center in the political spectrum of Panem politics. The Centre Party maintains the belief of serving its citizens directly and adjusts to their wishes. The main flag-bearer of the Centre Party is Senator and past presidential nominee Julie Roydon of the Capitol. Other prominent Centre officials include Representative Daniel Hutton, Senator Clarke Randall, Senator Joseph Garrett, Governor Donald Beck, Representative and past VP nominee Matthias Christian, and Governor Dillan Christian. The Centre Party’s ticket for the federal elections this past cycle was Senator Julie Roydon/Representative Matthias Christian.


The Labor Party:           5359cef1c7955FGYbGHEUXv

The Labor Party is the third largest party of Panem, forming the second largest party of the opposition in the House and the largest opposition party in the Senate. The flag-bearer of the Labor Party is past presidential nominee and Senator Iris Canstrom of District 9. The Labor Party runs on a platform of pulling slightly back on national security in favor of a more socially liberal concept favoring domestic affairs. They are in support of increased taxation on the upper class and corporations as well as welfare of private citizens. Key figures in the Labor Party beside Senator Canstrom include Senator Cedric Wallace, Senator and past VP nominee Jace Walters, Senator Lindsey Richards,  former presidential nominee Felicia Ren, former VP nominee Joan Kindred, former VP nominee Walter Delta, former Senator Ophelie Murray, and former Governor of District 1 Thomas Stemp. The national ticket for the Labor Party in the past election was Senator Iris Canstrom/Senator Jace Walters.

The Civic Party:           5359cfa75f975TzL2XbW1i2

The Civic Party is the smallest party in Panem, controlling one governorship, one lieutenant governorship, and one district legislature while also comprising six members of the opposition in the Panem House of Representatives and three senators in the Senate. The main flag-bearer for the Civic Party is Senator and past presidential nominee Patrick Newsom. The Civic Party also runs on a platform mainly supporting domestic affairs over international affairs but supports isolationism and a major decrease of the military. Civic also is more concerned with the environment, supporting anti-pollution laws and clean alternatives to fossil fuels. Other key figures in the Civic Party include former Secretary of Global Development, Secretary of Commerce, and VP nominee Samuel Trenton, Governor of District 3 Bertram Spellings, Lieutenant Governor of District 3 Sarah Turner, former Senator Sadie Myers, Representative Georgia Landon, Senator and past VP nominee Quentin Kennedy, Senator Raylin Kramer, and former Lieutenant Governor of District 11 Tanner Qualiski. The national ticket for the Civic Party in the past election is Senator Patrick Newsom/Senator Quentin Kennedy.



The Independence Party:Independence Party

Though not technically considered a true political party, the Republic of Panem does require all independent candidates to register under a party. Therefore, when a candidate is listed as “Independent” on a ballot, they technically are listed under the Independence Party though they campaign on their own separate beliefs. Therefore, it is not possible to pinpoint a main standard-bearer for the Independence Party, nor is it possible to determine the party’s platform as it varies incredibly from candidate to candidate. However, there are several well-known independents, such as Secretary of International Trade and former VP Tyler Thompson (now belongs to the Liberty Party, however), former VP Plutarch Heavensbee (formerly a member of the Liberty Party), Secretary of the Interior Rick Canth (now belongs to the Conservative Party), Secretary of Intelligence and former President Cecelia Paylor (now belongs to the Civic Party), and independent Governor of District 8 Elizabeth Steinbeck. National independent tickets have included Governor Elizabeth Steinbeck/District Representative Pauline Crystal and businessman Robert F. Maxwell/Secretary Lynn Germaine. 


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