Panem Senate

Outlined here is the complete membership of the Panem Senate. Each district receives two members each, as does the Capitol. This brings the count of senators at the moment to thirty-two members. Each senator serves a four-year term, elected in the midterm elections as outlined in the First Amendment of the Panem Constitution. Out of these members, twenty-two members are from the Liberty Party, giving them a definitive supermajority of around 69 percent, seven members belong to the Red/Green coalition (four from the Labor Party, three from the Civic Party), and three members from the Centre Party.

District One: Felicity Bass (Liberty), Manfred Weston (Liberty)

District Two: Vance James (Liberty), Cason Hampton (Liberty)

District Three: Patrick Newsom (Civic), Jacob Ellsworth (Liberty)

District Four: Antonio Wallace (Liberty), Charlton Harrison (Liberty)

District Five: Sophia Delacruz (Liberty), Amanda Qurius (Liberty)

District Six: Raylin Kramer (Civic), Quentin Kennedy (Civic)

District Seven: Walter Briscoe (Liberty), Jacquelyn Warner (Liberty)

District Eight: Kendal Folsom (Liberty), Cedric Wallace (Labor)

District Nine: Iris Canstrom (Labor), Clarke Randall (Centre)

District Ten: Jace Walters (Labor), Lindsey Richards (Labor)

District Eleven: Edith Delsont (Liberty), Wesley North (Liberty)

District Twelve: Hanley Trent (Liberty), Lenora Quaker (Liberty)

District Thirteen: Wendy Oppenheim (Liberty), Owen Talton (Liberty)

District Fourteen: Antonin Thibault (Liberty), Nicolette Lémieux (Liberty)

District Fifteen: Darien Sanford (Liberty), Joseph Garrett (Centre)

The Capitol: Wesley Benson (Liberty), Julie Roydon (Centre)