Panem Government and More Information

Panem’s Current Government

Panem is a democratic government, akin to that of the United States. In fact, the new government of Panem was based on that of the United States. This information is up to date as of the last presidential election, which reelected President Peeta Mellark (Liberty Party-District 12) and Vice President Rebecca Tarson (Liberty Party-District 12) in a tight runoff election.


In the order listed in the Panem Constitution’s line of presidential succession:

President: Peeta Mellark (Liberty Party-District 12)

Vice President (also serves as President of the Panem Senate): Rebecca Tarson (Liberty Party-District 12)

Secretary of State: Jonathan Madison (Liberty Party-District 4)

Secretary of Defense: Valère Descoteaux (Liberty Party-District 14)

Secretary of the Interior: Amy Oaksmith (Liberty Party-District 7)

Secretary of the Treasury: Rosalie Descoteaux (Liberty Party-District 14)

Secretary of Intelligence: Gale Hawthorne (Liberty Party-District 15)

Attorney General (head of the Department of Justice): Calvin Wilkie (Liberty Party-District 7)

Secretary of International Trade: Cynthia Garth (Liberty Party-District 5)

Secretary of Global Development: Effie Trinket (Liberty Party-Capitol)

Secretary of Commerce: Tyler Thompson (Liberty Party-District 5)

Secretary of Energy: Lynnette Cortez (Liberty Party-District 12)

Secretary of Communications: Beetee Latier (Liberty Party-District 3)

Secretary of Transportation: Sextimus Dalton (Centre Party-District 5)

Secretary of Agriculture: Quake Jones (Liberty Party-District 11)

Secretary of Homeland Security: Mason Wallace (Liberty Party-District 7)

Secretary of Education: Robert Kelso (Liberty Party-District 12)

Secretary of Labor: Raphaël Maçon (Liberty Party-District 14)

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Bella Taylor (Liberty Party-District 2)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Rosalie Underwood (Liberty Party-District 4)

Other members of the executive branch that hold cabinet-level status but are not a part of the presidential line of succession:

Council of Nations Ambassador: Elizabeth Steinbeck (Independent-District 8)

Director of the Office of Management and Budget: Ronald Brown (Liberty Party-District 13)

Solicitor General: Karina Erickson (Liberty Party-District 13)

Presidential Chief of Staff: Melanie DeFrancis (Liberty Party-District 6)

National Security Advisor: Kirk Hawking (Liberty Party-District 1)

Press Secretary and Communications Director: Janet Wesson (Liberty Party-District 15)


Speaker of the Panem House of Representatives: Wes Summerfield (Liberty Party-District 4)

President of the Panem Senate pro tempore: Sophia Delacruz (Liberty Party-District 5) 

House Majority Leader: Brooklyn Howard (Liberty Party-Capitol), Liberty leader

House Majority Whip: Kari Lyles (Conservative Party-District 10), Conservative leader

Leader of the Opposition: Daniel Hutton (Centre Party-District 15), Centre leader

House Minority Leader(s): 

Teraton Wendle (Labor Party-District 2), Labor leader

Georgia Landon (Civic Party-District 13), Civic leader

Senate Majority Leader: Michael Debroff (Liberty Party-District 11), Liberty leader

Senate Minority Leader(s): Iris Canstrom (Labor Party-District 9), Labor leader

Raylin Kramer (Civic Party-District 6), Civic leader

Clarke Randall (Centre Party-District 9), Centre leader

Composition of Panem House of Representatives: 

Following the most recent election, the makeup of the next House of Representatives is as follows: 96 Liberty members, 54 Centre members, 25 Conservative members, 18 Labor members, 6 Civic members, and 1 independent member who will caucus with Liberty. (Total of 200 representatives). Liberty Party and Conservative Party have created a leadership coalition.

LibertyConservative House


Composition of Panem Senate: 22 Liberty Party senators, 4 Labor Party senators, 3 Civic Party senators, 3 Centre Party senators (Total of 32 senators). Liberty is the supermajority.



Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Panem: Francine Ashland Brewster (D6) [nominated by Everdeen for Associate Justice., Mellark for Chief Justice]

Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of Panem:

  • Alexandra West (D1) [nominated by Mellark]
  • Felix Munoz (D3) [nominated by Paylor]
  • Timothy Iverton (D4)[nominated by Paylor]
  • Laurence Moreno (D4) [nominated by Paylor]
  • Cynthia Thompson (D5) [nominated by Mellark]
  • Sawyer Batterson (D7) [nominated by Paylor]
  • John Carper (D9) [nominated by Paylor]
  • Adrienne Allen (D11) [nominated by Everdeen]
  • Peter Hampton (D12) [nominated by Paylor]
  • Conrad Pendleton (D13) [nominated by Everdeen]

Justices nominated by president:

Paylor (7): Batterson, Carper, Hampton, Iverton, Moreno, Munoz, Wheeler*

Everdeen (3): Allen, Ashland Brewster, Pendleton

Canth (0): No nominees.

Mellark (3): Ashland Brewster*, Thompson, West

Former Presidents and Vice Presidents of Panem:

Presidents of the Imperial Republic of Panem:

President Coriolanus Tiberius Snow

President Coriolanus Tiberius Snow II

President Coriolanus Tiberius Snow III

President Coriolanus Tiberius Snow IV (assassinated by Katniss Everdeen)

Presidents of the United Districts of Panem

President Alma Belle Coin (assassinated by Katniss Everdeen)

Presidents of the Republic of Panem:

President Cecelia Lark Paylor (Independent-District 8)

President Katniss Delia Everdeen (Liberty Party-District 12)

President Richard Landon Canth (Conservative Party-District 7)*

President Joseph Dale Wilson (Liberty Party-District 4)

President Peeta Randolph Mellark (Liberty Party-District 12)

The following two served as interim presidents while President Everdeen was incapacitated after the District 3/Capitol earthquake:

  • President interim Rosalie Anne Descoteaux (Liberty Party-District 14)
  • President interim Jonathan Walton Madison (Liberty Party-District 4)

*impeached and removed from office

Vice Presidents of the Republic of Panem:

Vice President Plutarch Raymond Heavensbee (Liberty Party-Capitol)

Vice President Tyler Roland Thompson (Independent-District 5)

Vice President Celine Karina Oswald (Liberty Party-District 13)

Vice President Joseph Dale Wilson (Liberty Party-District 4)

Vice President Harold Benjamin Cersisa (Liberty Party-District 4)

Vice President Rebecca Susan Tarson (Liberty Party-District 12)

The following two served as interim vice presidents while Vice President Oswald was incapacitated after the District 3/Capitol earthquake:

  • Vice President interim Joseph Dale Wilson (Liberty Party-District 4)
  • Vice President interim Rosalie Anne Descoteaux (Liberty Party-District 14)

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