BREAKING: IANO multinational forces attempt sea invasion of District 4’s Gulf Coast

We have been informed by District 4 officials that the IANO multinational forces are attempting a sea invasion of the Gulf Coast of District 4. This is the first military action taken against Panem in recent history, and President Everdeen has ordered the military to fend off whatever threat the IANO poses to Panem’s national security.

UPDATE: President Everdeen gave a press release on the urgent matter.

It is an unfortunate thing to say that District 4 was the subject of a sea invasion by International Anti-Nuclear Organization multinational armed forces today. At approximately 8:51 PM Central Standard Time, military stationed on the Gulf Coast of District 4 were attacked by IANO forces. No fatalities have been confirmed at this time. As of 1:34 AM Central Standard Time, the attempted invasion of District 4 has been fended off and I can declare District 4 to be secure. However, this should be a warning to the IANO that we will not go down without a fight and that it is unethical for a group of nations to attack another peaceful nation who has posed no threat to their security except for the possession of nuclear weapons that have not been used by our new nation.

UPDATE 2:  An emergency session of the Panem Congress convened in the Capitol around 1:30 AM Eastern Standard Time. President Everdeen was in attendance and formally asked for a declaration of war against the nations who form the IANO, which include France, Scotland,  Germany, Greece, and many other European countries. The vote for war against the IANO was unanimously approved by both the House and the Senate.

IANO begins military movements along the coast of Panem

The International Anti-Nuclear Organization, a multinational federation of nations determined to remove nuclear weapons from existence, has begun military movements off of the coast of Panem.

This military exercise comes after the IANO demanded for the nuclear stockpiles of Panem to be removed and dismantled or Panem must face sanctions or military action. The move by the IANO was panned by Panem media and by recently defeated President Cecelia Paylor. She openly defied the demands, stating that the IANO should remain “inside their boundaries” and that Panem would dispel any threat to its borders, regardless of who attacks.

The new administration, headed by President Katniss Everdeen, has also taken action to prevent an invasion. President Everdeen stated this about the issue during her campaign for president:

Disarming our nuclear weapons is a ludicrous idea that runs right along with starting up the Hunger Games again. No organization outside of our borders should be allowed to define what actions our country pursues, and no organization should be allowed to threaten our country with military action. As president of Panem, I shall stand resolute with our current policy on the IANO and their resolution, and that any threat to our borders will be met with immediate action- whether that requires our military or our nuclear weapons.

President Everdeen, as commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Panem, has ordered troops to be stationed along the Eastern Seaboard as well as the Gulf Coast of Panem.

Rest of nominees confirmed with little opposition

The remainder of the Cabinet nominees that were nominated by President Katniss Everdeen were confirmed with no opposition today.

Thus, the incoming Secretaries are:

Secretary of State: Celine Oswald (Liberty Party-District 13)

Secretary of Defense: Jonathan Madison (Liberty Party-District 4) [confirmed several weeks before this article]

Secretary of the Treasury: Harold Sercisa (Liberty Party-District 4)

Attorney General (head of the Department of Justice): Karina Erickson (Liberty Party-District 13)

Secretary of Energy: Walter Singleton (Liberty Party-District 12)

Secretary of Communications: Beetee Latier (Liberty Party-Capitol)

Secretary of Transportation: Cynthia Garth (Liberty Party-District 5)

Secretary of Homeland Security: Haymitch Abernathy (Independent-District 12)

Presidential Chief of Staff: Rose Connell (Liberty Party-District 6)

Press Secretary: Polaris Septrix (Independent-Capitol)

Gale Hawthorne elected Governor of District 2

Gale Hawthorne, Panem’s head general and the Liberty Party’s candidate for Governor of District 2, has been elected Governor of District 2, Panem Free Press reports.

General Hawthorne announced his candidacy shortly before President Everdeen announced her campaign. Hawthorne immediately became the front-runner in the race over the incumbent Governor, Fen Georges. Hawthorne won the election by a margin of 56 percent to Georges’s 44 percent. This puts the new Governor in line for assuming what is arguably the most powerful district in Panem.

District 2 is home to several of the nation’s key military bases, including Panem Strategic Defense Command (PSDC), housed inside the mountain famously nicknamed “the Nut” by now-President Katniss Everdeen in the rebels’ attack on District 2 during the Panem Revolution. It is also home to many masons and known for its plentiful stone quarries as well as its past for supplying Snow’s regime with Peacekeepers.

President Katniss Everdeen issued a campaign-related press release regarding Hawthorne’s victory:

I am proud to announce that one of my greatest friends in life, Gale Hawthorne has become one of my greatest allies in the political world. Congratulations to the new Governor-elect and I look forward to working with you again immensely.

Governor-elect Hawthorne said the following in his victory speech:

Thank you, District 2, for the support that you have given me throughout this campaign. We are now on the right track for restoring support to our defense and military sectors as well as increasing economic growth in District 2. We are now one step closer in the right direction, and we shall prevail!

A LOOK BACK IN HISTORY: The assassinations of President Alma Coin and the death of President Coriolanus Snow

A day like no other was planned after winning a revolution that was lopsided in favor of President Coriolanus Snow and his loyalists.

By the end of the day, two presidents were dead. One assassinated, and one because of other causes.

The majority of Panem looks back today as we remember the deaths of two authoritarian leaders of this land: President of the Republic of Panem Alma Coin and President of the Imperial Republic of Panem Coriolanus Snow.

President Coin sat in the higher levels, spectating what was supposed to be the execution of the dictator Snow. Everything changed when then-war hero Katniss Everdeen chose to slay the new President instead of Snow as scheduled. Fate had its way with Snow, however, as he ultimately succumbed to the bloody sores that he contracted through poison. President Coin was pronounced dead at the scene a few minutes later, and Everdeen was brought into custody. Snow’s body was discovered hours later.

The legal battle that followed was heated and intense to say the least. Everdeen insisted that Coin was as much of a dictator as Snow was and both deserved to be taken out. District 13’s Chief of Police, Regulus Daniels, insisted otherwise- he claimed that Katniss had become aligned with the loyalists in the Capitol and charged her with treason and murder. As we all remember, District 13 ultimately decided the fate of Katniss Everdeen as they headed to a poll to decide whether to sentence her to death or to release her and drop all charges. As we all know, Katniss’s charges were dropped after District 13 voted not guilty to the charges in a margin of 89% not guilty to 11% guilty.

After her release, Everdeen returned to District 12 with Peeta Mellark. They were formally married in a ceremony in District 12’s Meadow. They now have two children.

The story ends at the present, but not without irony. This irony lies in the fact that President Snow and President Coin were both killed by their successor: President Katniss Everdeen.

Panem Senate approves nomination of Jonathan Madison for Secretary of Defense

The Senate of Panem unanimously voted to approve the nomination of Speaker of the Panem House of Representatives Jonathan Madison for the position of Secretary of Defense.

Jonathan Madison, a native of District 4, has a long history with Panem and its government: Madison was widely recognized as the leader of the rebellion against Snow’s regime in District 4, much like former President Paylor was in District 8.  After the revolution overthrew the authoritarian government in Panem, Madison became a leading contender for the Presidency. Ultimately, Cecelia Paylor was elected President over him. Soon after, he ran for the new representative spot in District 4, winning the seat with little competition. Upon the meeting of the First Panem Congress, Madison was elected Speaker of the House in one of the most watched races in Panem. Madison, due to his position, was second in line for the Presidency should something happen to both the President and Vice President. Madison, as Speaker, was supportive of term limits for the Presidency and sparred frequently with President Paylor over the topic.

The new Secretary Madison is widely expected to continue the country’s nuclear program despite calls by certain organizations to shut it down. Also, it seems that Secretary Madison would work with Haymitch Abernathy, who has been nominated but not yet confirmed for the post of Secretary of Homeland Security, as a team to counter internal threats by pro-Snow groups and to hinder those who are suppliers to the aforementioned groups.

President Everdeen announces Cabinet nominees

Despite the calamity of Governor Oswald’s attempted assassination today, President Katniss Everdeen released her list of nominees for the nation’s highest offices today. L is an abbreviation for the newly-founded Liberty Party, of which President Everdeen is the head.

Her nominees were:

Secretary of State: Celine Oswald, Governor of District 13

Secretary of Defense: Jonathan Madison, Speaker of the Panem House of Representatives

Secretary of the Treasury: Harold Sercisa, Representative (L-D4)

Attorney General (head of the Department of Justice): Karina Erickson, Senator (L-D13) and former District 13 Attorney General under Governor Oswald

Secretary of Energy: Walter Singleton, Governor of District 12

Secretary of Communications: Beetee Latier, Chief Executive of the Capitol

Secretary of Transportation: Cynthia Garth, Representative (L-D5)

Secretary of Homeland Security: Haymitch Abernathy, war hero from District 12

Presidential Chief of Staff: Rose Connell, former Undersecretary of Communications

Press Secretary: Polaris Septrix, chief news anchor for the Panem Free Press news channel

The majority of these choices were expected by political analysts, but the most surprising choice seemed to be the choice of war hero Haymitch Abernathy as Secretary of Homeland Security. Mr. Abernathy has not held political office before nor has expressed interest in a government position. However, his qualifications are above and beyond after his heroic feats in the Panem Revolution.