International Anti-Nuclear Organization calls for disarming of Panem’s nuclear weapons

In a statement released by the International Anti-Nuclear Organization today, the organization has called for the immediate disarming of Panem’s stockpile of nuclear weapons.

The IANO has decided to call upon the new government of Panem to disarm their nuclear weapons like all other countries of the world. Panem is currently the only country on Earth that has in its possession a stockpile of nuclear weapons, giving a fledgling government control of some of the most dangerous weapons in the world. We would also like to warn the government of Panem that if they do not adhere to our calls, we must consider action in the form of sanctions or, if worse comes to worst, military action.

Panem’s nuclear weapons stockpile is located in District 13, but the exact location is not known. The weapons have been utilized before, but it has been at least a hundred years or more.

The President of Panem, Cecelia Paylor, responded:

The government of Panem dispels the IANO calls for the removal of nuclear weapons. As the government of Panem governs Panem, we would like to remind the IANO that they should remain within their boundaries, as Panem is not, has not ever been, and will never be a member state to the IANO. Should the IANO attempt to sanction us, we will survive without trade as we have done in the past. Should the IANO attempt to invade the nation of Panem, we will not only deploy our military- we WILL use our nuclear stockpile to remove any threat to our land. Our stockpile is only insurance against unneeded military force. and we have no plans to remove the weapons.

A Real Wedding for Panem

Amid political controversy and rumors of betrayal, a bright spark has given the nation a chance to smile.  71st Hunger Games victor Johanna Mason, who left her home in District 7 for District 2 after the end of the war left half of her former district in desolation, has wed cousin and former District 12 co-inhabitant of Katniss Everdeen, Gale Hawthorne.  According to sources, a romance sparked shortly after Mason arrived in the district, and became involved in the military training for the head base in District 2.  Hawthorne, a general in the new military, got close to Mason while she was the head of advanced training for the army’s specialists.  A source close to the newlyweds, Captain Mortaim Silas, elaborated for Panem Free Press regarding the couple’s courtship.

It was obvious from the first moment that the two were meant for each other.  They’re both rough around the edges and highly argumentative, but surprisingly, they are calm around each other.  For two normally very intense people, being around each other seemed to be a catalyst.  We knew that it was only a matter of time before Hawthorne would ask her to marry him.

The wedding took place in a lovely outdoor chapel in the forests surrounding District 2.  Guests were limited, but included 74th Hunger Games victors Katniss Everdeen and her husband, Peeta Mellark.  Also present was 70th Hunger Games victor Annie Cresta and her young son she had with deceased husband Finnick Odair (65th Hunger Games victor), Finn.   Captain Mortaim and other military friends of the happy couple were there as well to encourage the union of their acquaintances.

The vows were simple and the wedding was even more so, but Miss Mason looked ever so lovely stepping out in a white dress and a golden band around her forehead.  Hawthorne, standing at the end of the aisle with pride evident on his face as he watched his bride-to-be walk towards him, wore his military whites handsomely.  The reception included lots of dancing and a stunning cake designed by none other than Peeta Mellark, whose cake-decorating expertise was known by all when he created a masterpiece for Finnick and Annie’s wedding during the midst of the rebellion.  His single creative piece brought hope to the nation regarding his well-being at the time, and it was cathartic to see him so evidently well yet again.

It was a happy occasion held by all, albeit very private.  The Panem Free Press was honored to report at the event.  Congratulations to the new couple, from everyone here at the Free Press.

Heavensbee announces resignation, ignites crowd with remarks

A crowd appeared today at the Communications Department press conference that announced the widely-expected resignation of Secretary Plutarch Heavensbee. Heavensbee’s heated rhetoric towards the President has been dubbed “disloyal” by Paylor supporters and many suspect that he could run against Paylor in the next presidential election.

Heavensbee’s remarks today were much more heated than normal, even more so than Effie Trinket’s, who resigned earlier this week.

An excerpt from Heavensbee’s resignation speech:

It is obviously no surprise to all of you that I am resigning; after all, I cannot continue to remain in an administration that I simply cannot support any longer. As I have submitted my resignation to President Paylor, who has accepted it, I feel as if I am no longer bound to speak in a semi-supportive tone. Let me be clear: I am absolutely opposed this administration’s policies. I feel that Paylor has disgraced both Panem and its citizens through her obvious politics and that the country of Panem deserves better than that.   (crowd roars)   Thank you.  My resignation will not be the end of my presence in the Capitol. I will remain here, working to further common sense for the people of Panem.

Heavensbee’s remarks ignited the crowd, showing massive opposition to Paylor’s policies and large support for Heavensbee.

Panem Free Press reporter caught Heavensbee after his announcement and asked for his view on the next election for President. His response:

Well, obviously Paylor has to go. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that she ranks with Snow and Coin when it comes to horrible leadership, and I fear for the nation should she be reelected.

He also commented on presidential campaign rumors:

At this point, anything is a possibility. I’m definitely going to give it some thought, but if someone with the credentials to take down Paylor runs, I’ll either wait or run for something else. But for now, all cards are on the table.

Heavensbee is the second Paylor cabinet official to resign this week, after Effie Trinket announced her resignation earlier this week.

The next President of Panem?

Effie Trinket has caused quite a stir with her resignation. With the presidential election not too far off, Trinket (or another high-profile person) could launch a campaign against Paylor. Here’s a look at who could be the next president of Panem.

  • Katniss Everdeen:  The Mockingjay has spurred speculation of a presidential run after her Q&A with Panem Free Press where she didn’t turn down the idea of a run for office. Also, supporters of a campaign have begun a Draft Katniss movement in hopes of getting her to run. Katniss’s passion and beliefs in a democracy, not dictatorship, serve as benefits towards her case. Also, she is a national hero as the Mockingjay, and is also well-known for her romance with fellow District 12 citizen Peeta Mellark, whom she met in the 74th Hunger Games.
  • Effie Trinket: Former Secretary of State Effie Trinket only just announced her resignation, and yet she is already receiving presidential speculation. Trinket’s public speaking abilities, her experience in the Capitol, and her charismatic personality prove her to be presidential material; the only question is “Does she want the job?”
  • Plutarch Heavensbee: Secretary of Communications Plutarch Heavensbee is a heavy critic of the President while remaining in her administration. However, rumors say that Heavensbee could resign in a very short time, and with Heavensbee talking like a presidential contender already, further speculation could rise. However, sources reportedly close to Heavensbee say that he’s more interested in the Vice Presidency, but hasn’t made up his mind yet.
  • Jonathan Madison: A lesser known official in the Capitol, Madison is the Speaker of the Panem House of Representatives. An extremely open critic of the President, Madison is supposedly open to a run for higher office, but hasn’t decided as of yet. However, Madison would be able to run as a candidate that has never had ties with the Paylor administration, allowing for a bigger comparison.
  • President Cecelia Paylor: Of course we can’t leave off President Paylor! The president IS running for reelection, so she may very well win. However, her administration’s scandals and her opposition to term limits for the presidency are major hurdles for her to pass and polling shows that she’s largely unpopular, with 64% preferring another unspecified candidate over Paylor.

CONFIRMED: Sec. of State Effie Trinket announces resignation

At a State Department press conference today, Secretary of State Effie Trinket announced that she has resigned as Secretary of State and will serve as an acting Secretary until her replacement is confirmed by the Senate.

A quote from Secretary Trinket:

I thank you for coming here today, first of all, and it’s never easy to say what I will say today. As all of you very well know, rumors have spread about my impending resignation. These rumors are correct; it is with a heavy heart that I have submitted my resignation to the President. However, as I am no longer bound to the President’s administration, I feel that is my duty as a citizen to call for President Paylor to resign as well following her veto of term limits on the Presidency. The veto is a direct sign of a rising authoritarian dictatorship that I nor any citizen of Panem will stand for, and this is why I have decided to resign immediately. I also call on the citizens of Panem to use common sense in this election; see through the politics of it all. See the consequences of who you elect to the Presidency.

The statement by Trinket seems to mirror similar accusations from Secretary of Communications Plutarch Heavensbee, who also was mentioned to be resigning. However, his office denies such a claim, but rumors still linger.

The turmoil in the Paylor administration could certainly trouble the President in her reelection campaign, as who were once her greatest allies have begun to become her enemies. The possibility of a presidential challenger to Paylor coming from her own administration is not a fringe idea anymore, many say. Some speculate that Trinket herself could launch a campaign for President, but many say that she would be the weaker candidate in a hypothetical face-off between her and Paylor.

SHOCK: Top officials in Paylor cabinet to resign

Panem Free Press has just been informed by an anonymous source within the Paylor administration that top cabinet members will soon announce their resignations.

This source claims that these officials include Secretary of Communications Plutarch Heavensbee, who, due to his open defiance of President Paylor’s policies, is considered a possible presidential challenger. Heavensbee’s office had this to say in response to the claims:

Such claims of Secretary Heavensbee resigning are absolutely unfounded. Despite his disagreements with the President, he still maintains a healthy friendship with Her Excellency and has no plans at the moment to resign or to challenge her in the next presidential election. We ask for such rumors to cease as to allow the Secretary to continue his job without the added stress of such ideas.

Also included by the source was Secretary of State Effie Trinket. Trinket herself has remained mostly quiet in regards to President Paylor’s policies, but has been known to occasionally spar with the President over certain matters.

Secretary Trinket’s office wished not to comment on the claims.

The claims of such resignations come on the heels of significant legislation in the Capitol. The Panem Congress has approved a constitutional amendment that will be sent to the districts for ratification if it is signed by Paylor.  The constitutional amendment would prohibit presidents of Panem from serving more than two terms in a row and would cut down the term length from six years per term to four years per term. Paylor has already announced her opposition to the bill and has threatened to veto the bill if it crosses her desk. Paylor’s opponents openly slammed her for such an opposition, saying that it appears authoritarian, some even comparing her to Snow and calling for immediate impeachment.

Both Heavensbee and Trinket jumped on the opportunity to attack Paylor for her opposition, leading to a very tense situation.

It is widely believed that even if Paylor were to veto the bill, the Panem Congress would override her veto and send it to the districts regardless. Polling shows massive support from the districts for such an amendment.

Association of Former Victors 5th Anniversary Banquet

The Panem Free Press was given the honor of reporting on the scene of the Association of Former Victors Banquet as they celebrated the fifth anniversary of a Games-free country.  Many were there, among natural favorites Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark (74th Hunger Games victors), and unexpected but pleasant surprises such as Annie Cresta Odair, victor of the 70th Hunger Games and widow of the late Finnick Odair, victor of the 65th Hunger Games.

Much was discussed at the event, including possible memorials to go up in honor of the victors who have passed away, at the arena they mastered while players in the Games.  Most popular of these late victors is Finnick Odair, whose skills with a trident and talents as a swimmer made him a shoe-in for the victory in the 65th Hunger Games.  Finnick, a valiant warrior for the rebel cause and a catalyst for many of his fellow victors and friends, was killed by former President Snow’s muttations while aiding in the invasion of the Capitol.  He leaves behind a wife and a young child, whom Odair’s former friends affectionately refer to as “Finn” throughout the night.

Among speakers at the event was 62nd Hunger Games victor Enobaria, a resident of District 2, who brought up the poor dealings with victors from the richer districts.

“We are discriminated against and shunned from the rest of the country because of our eagerness to join in the Games and our propensity for winning.  But what people don’t realize is that we’ve lost and suffered as well at the hands of these cruel endeavors.  My best friend was reaped in the 60th Hunger Games and did not survive the excursion.  I am still haunted by what I experienced in my own Games, and I can still taste the blood of those whom I murdered.  We trained, not to bring pride to our districts like everyone so adamantly believes, but instead to survive, so we could come home and be with our families again.  I was forced into training at the young age of four as a result of my athletic excellence in school.  I did not choose this life.  I never wanted any of it.  I refuse to be mistreated due to a misunderstanding.” 

When asked to comment, Peeta Mellark replied:

“It’s hard for me to have an opinion, because I came from the opposite side of the spectrum.  I was not provided with the opportunity to train for the Games, nor was I in any way given a lavish lifestyle before.  But I do think that Enobaria has a point.  We cannot discriminate against any citizen of this nation because of their past.  History needs to stay exactly where it is — behind us.  We should learn from it, most certainly; I believe we have learned, but we should also be sure to consider that history isn’t always the fault of the individual, but rather the majority.  Because we cannot know one’s intentions or opinions at a first glance, we cannot judge them like we do.” 

The discussions came to a close when 40th Hunger Games victor Beetee suggested the possibilities of each victor becoming involved in the Panem Senate and House of Representatives.  A recent poll that Panem Free Press ran asking readers what they wished would happen in the country’s politics resulted in a dramatic desire for victors to have involvement.  When Beetee took the floor to initially discuss the propensity of this, reactions among the victors were mixed, ranging from positivity to blatant disapproval from 71st Hunger Games victor Johanna Mason.  The country listed Peeta Mellark as the most desired candidate, but his reaction was ambivalent, and he declined to comment further.

All in all, the Association of Former Victors banquet was deemed a success, and each participant walked away with what seemed to be satisfaction on their faces.  The country is coming together quickly after such a long spell under Snow’s totalitarian regiment.  Things are looking up and faces are hopeful, and to put a positive spin on a negative saying, “the odds are ever in our favor!”

There is hope yet, Panem.