Liberty convention wows, nominees affirmed

The Liberty National Convention, held in District 12, wowed spectators with high-profile speeches from several largely-known Liberty officials, specifically District 2 Governor Gale Hawthorne, Secretary of State Celine Oswald, Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison, Secretary of Homeland Security Haymitch Abernathy, former Secretary of State Effie Trinket, outgoing Vice President Tyler Thompson, and of course, President Katniss Everdeen, who was nominated once again for the Presidency.

The keynote speaker was announced a day before the convention began. Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison shocked the crowd with oratorical skills that were a force to be reckoned with. In his speech, he touched on the administration’s successes, particularly involving the war with the IANO and with the President’s reforms. He discussed how the economy has skyrocketed under President Everdeen, and how citizens, when polled, are shown to be happier than under the Paylor administration.

In her acceptance speech, President Everdeen also pointed to her successes, but also to the Liberty Party’s as well. She invoked bipartisanship while also sternly stating that there is no better candidate on the field but the incumbent.

Two things stood out, both expected: first, a contentious voting session would be held to determine the VP nominee for the Liberty Party, and second, former Vice President Plutarch Heavensbee was not in attendance after his highly-reported prostitution scandal.

The Heavensbee scandal damaged the reputation of the party and the Everdeen administration, explaining why the former VP didn’t make an appearance. If Heavensbee attended, other presidential challengers could tie him again to the administration, saying that they are still in cohorts with one another.

The vice presidential nomination voting was considered the most tense part of the convention, however, as three candidates went in, splitting the votes three ways. The first vote came out as expected: Oswald first, Madison second, Hawthorne third. The second vote caused some controversy: delegates began to ditch their candidates. In this vote, Madison came out clearly on top, with Hawthorne second, Oswald third, and by surprise, incumbent Vice President Tyler Thompson in fourth, and former Sec. of State Effie Trinket with three delegates. With no clear majority in sight, they voted once again, and the same thing happened: more delegates ditched. Trinket’s votes disappeared, which was not a surprise. Those votes went back to Oswald, who gained from Hawthorne’s drop. He dropped to fourth, with VP Thompson going to second.

Ultimately, the fourth vote ascertained the nominee. The LNC finally decided that the Liberty Party vice presidential nominee would be Secretary of State Celine Oswald, who emerged on top in the third round of voting. Governor Hawthorne, Secretary of Defense Madison, and Vice President Thompson all conceded and offered their endorsement to the nominee.

With 990 delegates in attendance, the voting record shows:


Celine Oswald  360

Jonathan Madison 330

Gale Hawthorne 300


Jonathan Madison 424

Gale Hawthorne 381

Celine Oswald 320

Tyler Thompson 242

Effie Trinket 3


Celine Oswald 467

Tyler Thompson 343

Jonathan Madison 120

Gale Hawthorne 60


Celine Oswald 592 

Tyler Thompson 254

Jonathan Madison 100

Gale Hawthorne 44


As with the President, Secretary Oswald pointed to her treaty as a great success for Panem, and praised the President for her work in the Capitol and in Glasgow. She also thanked her competitors in the VP primaries, stating that “without them, I would not have been able to approach the topics I needed to approach…now Panem knows what I stand for, what the Liberty Party stands for: freedom, justice, and, of course, liberty.”


BREAKING: President Paylor announces selection for Vice President, plus more

Former President of Panem Cecelia Paylor, a challenger to incumbent President Katniss Everdeen (Liberty-D12), held a rally in District 8 today to announce her running mate and to announce another “secret” that she’s been waiting to tell the world.

Paylor’s nominee was announced to be Samuel Trenton, an independent like Paylor from the Capitol. However, things took a surprising twist, as the former President announced her “secret:” she is forming a new party opposite of the Liberty Party, which will be called the Civic Party. The party will run on a more liberal platform, advocating against President Everdeen’s reforms while promoting national security and the now-defunct reforms that were instituted by former President Paylor.

Chairman of the Liberty National Committee Dustin Bolton issued the following press release:

Ms. Paylor must be feeling the heat if she feels the need to have the backing of a party. The Liberty Party knows that we will make a clear ultimatum to this new Civic Party and prove that it won’t be successful in this presidential election. However, we do welcome the Civic Party and its supporters and hope that we will cooperate further to better the nation of Panem.

Liberty and Labor Parties enter convention season unsure of nominees

In the first-ever convention season for Panem’s elections, the reigning Liberty Party and the Labor Party will both enter the season with brokered conventions without sure-fire nominees.

The results of the primaries for the Labor Party presidential nomination were inconclusive, with an almost 50-50 split of delegates between Senator Ophelie Murray and Governor Thomas Stemp. Senator Murray holds a ten-delegate lead over the Governor, however.

The results of the Liberty VP primaries were very similar to that of the presidential primaries of the Labor Party, except there are three candidates in the running for the nomination here. Governor Gale Hawthorne, Secretary of State Celine Oswald, and Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison ran heated campaigns, splitting the delegates nearly into three divisions for the three candidates. Secretary Oswald currently holds the lead, while Secretary Madison is right behind him with Governor Hawthorne barely lagging.

This may prove helpful to other candidates in the elections. President Paylor has fallen short of any conclusive competitiveness to President Everdeen, but a lack of a VP nominee may enable her to jump in the polls while the Liberty Party votes repeatedly for a VP.

This could also help the People for Panem ticket of Senator Sandra Morrison and D6 Attorney General Reyna Fults. In a third place ranking behind both President Everdeen and former President Paylor, brokered conventions in the Liberty Party and Labor Party may allow them to show Panem that their party is united while the others are not. People for Panem is also in a good situation, as there is no other ticket at the moment that is finalized- not even President Paylor, though she has told supporters that she has a running mate and will announce her nominee for Vice President at a rally in three days.

FINAL PRIMARIES: Predictions and results

Today is the final day for primaries in the nation of Panem, with Districts 1, 2, 6, 7, and the Capitol voting for who they would like to see as their nominee for the upcoming elections.

We at Panem Free Press predict the following for the primaries:

Labor Party Senate Leader Ophelie Murray will carry Districts 6 and 7 and the Capitol.

Labor Party Governor Thomas Stemp will carry Districts 1 and 2.

Liberty Party Governor Gale Hawthorne will carry District 2.

Secretary of State Celine Oswald will carry the Capitol.

Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison will carry Districts 1,  6, and 7.


UPDATE: We now have results of the Labor Party presidential primaries.

We project that Senator Ophelie Murray will carry Districts 6 and 7 as expected, and that Governor Thomas Stemp will carry Districts 1 and 2 along with the Capitol.


UPDATE 2: We now can project the results of the Liberty Party vice presidential primaries.

We project that Governor Gale Hawthorne will carry Districts 1 and 2.

We project that Secretary of State Celine Oswald will carry the Capitol.

We project that Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison will carry Districts 6 and 7.


POST-ANALYSIS: There is not a doubt any further on what the primaries have spawned- the Liberty Party and the Labor Party will see brokered conventions with several votes, possibly heightening the People for Panem ticket as they already have a clear ticket. There is no projections for the convention, as candidates can emerge that did not even run. We can only wait and see what happens.

GALLERY: Superprimaries and nominees

BREAKING: Dalton and Umphrey out, PfP ticket finalized

Governor Roald Umphrey and Representative Sextimus Dalton, who were running for People for Panem’s presidential and vice presidential nominations, respectively, announced the suspension of their campaigns today. This news comes after similar suspensions from Governor Dale Wilson and Governor Amy Oaksmith, who were running for the Liberty Party’s VP nomination.

Governor Umphrey stressed that he simply could not win the nomination from the point he was at, and that Senator Sandra Morrison was a “fine enough nominee” and that he fully endorses her for “the good of the party.” This makes Senator Morrison the presumptive nominee for president on People for Panem’s ticket.

Representative Dalton similarly stated that while he “gave it his best shot,” he simply couldn’t win the nomination now. He gave his warmest regards to his opponent, District Attorney General for District 6 Reyna Fults, and endorsed her. As with Senator Morrison, Representative Dalton’s suspension of his campaign has made Reyna Fults the presumptive nominee for vice president on People for Panem’s ticket.

Surprisingly, these announcements formed the first full ticket in the upcoming general election. People for Panem will run with a Morrison/Fults ticket, the first all-female ticket in Panem’s history.

BREAKING: Wilson and Oaksmith out of Liberty VP primary

Governors Dale Wilson of District 4 and Amy Oaksmith of District 7 both announced after their bruising defeats in the superprimaries yesterday that they would suspend their campaigns for the Liberty Party nomination for vice president.

Governor Dale Wilson, considered to be a potential contender at the start of the race, flailed to a second place finish in his home district’s primary, causing his campaign to falter and win no primaries out of the eight held last week. He decided to endorse Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison, who also hails from District 4, saying that he is best suited to be vice president.

Meanwhile, Governor Amy Oaksmith was always considered a longshot for the nomination. However, she did win the District 8 primary by a wider margin than expected. With only one win, Oaksmith decided enough was enough and suspended her campaign. However, not everything is going bad for her: this gives her experience for a possible presidential campaign or for another VP campaign. It could even warrant her a spot in a presidential cabinet. Governor Oaksmith decided to endorse Secretary of State Celine Oswald, stating that she believed that she was able to serve as either vice president or president should the need arise.

However, with these endorsements, Governor Gale Hawthorne is left in the cold. There isn’t any way to tell if this will flounder his campaign or make no effect. Only time will tell.