International Governments and Council of Nations

Here is a list of international governments with their heads of state and government.

Council of Nations:

Secretary-General: Trevor Patton, Republic of Panem

Assistant Secretary-General: Zane Casarret, Zealandic Republic

The Republic of Panem:

President: Peeta Mellark

Secretary of State: Celine Oswald

Ambassador to the Council of Nations: Elizabeth Steinbeck

United Kingdom

Monarch: Queen Victoria II

Prime Minister: Edith Felton


Monarch: Queen Anne II

Prime Minister: Marcus Flemington


President: Liam Boyle

Prime Minister (or Taoiseach): Donagh McGuinness


President: Antonin Dupond

Prime Minister: Adrienne Renaud


President: Blaise Amiel


Monarch: Queen Sophia I

Prime Minister: Renzo van Veenen


Monarch: King Amadeo II

Prime Minister: Marco Navarro


Monarch: Queen Victoria II

Prime Minister: Jack White

South Africa:

President: Amahle Omiata

Secretary of State: Adisa Afolabi

Polish-Ukrainian Republic

President: Walerian Chmielewski

Prime Minister: Bronisław Duda

Grecorussian Empire:

President: Rostislav Alexeieva

Prime Minister: Carolina Golubova

The Zealandic Republic:

President: Madison Corbould

Secretary of State: Evan McDonald

The People’s Republic of Oceania:

President: Shaiming Ho

Vice President: Jie Tuan


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