Cortez confirmed as Energy Sec., Hawthorne confirmed as Intelligence Sec.

The Senate moved quickly on the first day of President Mellark’s second term to confirm his nominees for the Energy Department and Intelligence Department.

Lynnette Cortez, the governor of District 12, was confirmed as Secretary of Energy in a voice vote. Cortez resigned her position as governor in a letter that took effect upon her confirmation, ensuring that there would be no issue. Harriet Myers, the lieutenant governor of District 12, will now become the fifth governor of District 12. Myers has the ability as the new governor to name her successor as lieutenant governor, to which she has named district senator Vance Jefferson.

Gale Hawthorne, the governor of District 15, was confirmed as Secretary of Intelligence by a vote of 25 to 7. All seven senators of the Red-Green Coalition voted against Hawthorne’s nomination, stating that he was far too radical for the position and claimed concerns over his opinion on torture. Hawthorne has previously mentioned that psychological torture can be used in certain circumstances to retrieve information, but also stated that terrorists are the only individuals who should experience such torture. Hawthorne’s resignation letter as governor went into effect upon his confirmation, with lieutenant governor Marshall Risinger becoming governor. The secretary of state of District 15 automatically becomes lieutenant governor in the absence of an officeholder. As such, Risinger will be succeeded by Brody Elliott.


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