Senators Patrick Newsom and Iris Canstrom decline to endorse in executive runoffs

Senator Patrick Newsom (Civic-D3), the Civic nominee for president, and Senator Iris Canstrom (Labor-D9), the Labor nominee for president, both declined to endorse any candidate for president or vice president in the upcoming runoff elections.

Newsom and Canstrom were both defeated in the first round of executive elections held three days ago, amounting to a combined 16.2 percent of the vote. The pair underwhelmed in the elections following much fervor around the two earlier in the cycle. The two standard-bearers of the left-wing Panem political parties not endorsing either candidate in either election is hardly a surprise, however, as Panem’s conservative wing was the true winner of the elections three days ago. Of the second round contestants, only Matthias Christian of the Centre Party is remotely close to the center of Panem politics, and even he leans further to the right than to the left.

The two nominees’ decision to not endorse and instead allow each person to “make their own decision based on their conscience” is not expected to have a drastic effect on any candidate’s campaign, but rather on turnout.


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