Mellark and Tarson rush back to Capitol to manage reaction to hurricane crisis

President Peeta Mellark and Vice President Rebecca Tarson were forced to take a break from the campaign trail to return to the Capitol as a massive hurricane bore down on the coast of District 4.

The hurricane, tentatively nicknamed Hurricane Amelia, forced the largest peacetime evacuation in Panem’s history as District 4 residents flooded away from the monster storm. The hurricane was caught on military satellites as it was gaining strength in the Gulf of Mexico, with hovercraft inspecting the storm after it was discovered.

Hurricanes, though a major problem before the Dark Days, have not been common since World War III. Scientists believe that this is due to the effects of the widespread nuclear warfare, causing a rapid decrease in temperatures worldwide and ultimately impacting the climate of the planet. In fact, this is predicted to be the first landfall on the continent of North America since Coriolanus Snow (the first) established his rule over Panem after World War III. Due to the infrequency of such storms, prediction centers have not been needed.

Hurricanes, for those in Panem who may not be aware, are described as “rapidly rotating storm systems characterized by a low-pressure center, a closed low-level atmospheric circulation, strong winds, and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain.”

As it currently stands, “Hurricane Amelia” has a 1-minute sustained wind speed of 145 miles per hour with a minimum pressure of 924 millibars. “Amelia” sits around 350 miles off the coastline of District 4 and is anticipated to make landfall as a very strong hurricane within the next week.

Secretary Amy Oaksmith, head of the Department of the Interior, is predicting that the damage from this storm will be catastrophic. “There is no reason that any citizen of District 4 should remain in the path of this storm. They need to leave, because the repercussions of not leaving are fatal. Belongings can be replaced, but human lives cannot.” The Governor of District 4, Harold Cersisa, has issued a mandatory evacuation for the entire coastline and inland areas that could be affected.


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