BREAKING: Newsom selects Senator Quentin Kennedy as Civic running mate

Senator Patrick Newsom, the Civic Party’s presumptive nominee for president, announced his pick for the Civic vice presidential nomination today at a rally in District 6. 

Newsom selected Senator Quentin Kennedy as his running mate for the general election. This was following the release of a four-person VP shortlist released by Newsom a month ago that in addition to Kennedy also included former Sen. Sadie Myers, presidential candidate Samuel Trenton, and Rep. Amelia Vance. All of the VP shortlist contenders were onstage at the rally to offer a full-fledged set of endorsements for the new Civic ticket.

“I selected Quentin Kennedy because we deserve to have a Civic revival. That means that we need to ensure that the freshest ideas are at our forefront, and Senator Kennedy has been an innovator since his first step in the Capitol. He is a man of integrity, honesty, and unity, and I believe he will serve as a fantastic vice president.” — Senator Patrick Newsom (Civic-D3)

The rally came off as a key unifying moment for the Civic Party, one that may go further in unifying the party once the ticket is formally nominated at the Civic National Convention.

The selection of Kennedy was clearly meant to build a bridge to Civic voters that were less than enthusiastic about supporting Newsom while also ensuring that undecided voters would see a fresh option on the ballot. Kennedy has served as a mainstream progressive in Congress, which both sides of the Civic Party will see as a plus. His selection is likely to be viewed as an attempt to gain voters from Labor, Liberty, and Centre, an arduous but potentially fruitful plan.

With the Newsom-Kennedy ticket finalized, every party’s ticket is now set for the general election. In case you need a refresher, a breakdown is featured below:


Liberty               Peeta Mellark       Rebecca Tarson

Labor                 Iris Canstrom        Jace Walters

Civic                  Patrick Newsom   Quentin Kennedy

Conservative   Kaitlyn Jones         Delia Sutherland

Centre              Julie Roydon         Matthias Christian


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