LABNC COVERAGE: Two-day convention; speakers announced

The Labor National Convention is set to begin in two days in District 9, the home of presidential nominee Iris Canstrom. The event, which is likely to be the last convention of the five major party conventions to last more than a single day, will be closely watched as many check to see if the Labor Party can compete with the grandiose Liberty National Convention that ended yesterday night.

The main attraction to the LabNC is the hotly-contested vice presidential nomination battle. Representative Teraton Wendle, who leads the Labor Party in the federal House of Representatives, currently leads in the delegate count, but did not achieve an outright majority of delegates in the primaries, leading to a second ballot. This second ballot, of course, will unbind the delegates, allowing them to pick their preferred candidate, whether it be Wendle, former Governor Thomas Stemp, or former Senator Ophelie Murray, or potentially another person who did not run for vice president.

The speaker list is as follows:

Day One:

Vera Adler, former governor (D3)

Lindsay Richards, senator (D10)

Zena Gates, former Senator (Capitol)

Shannon Barker, district senator and candidate for governor (D1)

Haylie Shepard, representative and candidate for governor (D6)

Ashton North, district representative and candidate for governor (D11)

Ophelie Murray, former senator and candidate for VP (D3)

Thomas Stemp, former governor and candidate for VP (D1)

Teraton Wendle, House Labor Leader and candidate for VP (D2)

Day Two:

Katrina Rowland, former senator (D4)

Patricia Mann, former senator (D9)

Connor Howe, district senator and candidate for governor (D7)

Suzanne Reed, district representative and candidate for governor (D10)

Carson Delaney, representative and candidate for governor (D9)

Jared Dean, businessman and candidate for governor (D15)

Walter Delta, former Secretary of Agriculture and former VP nominee (D11)

Sylvenia Denton, representative (D4)

Joan Kindred, former Secretary of Transportation and former VP nominee (D5)

Felicia Ren, former governor and two-time presidential nominee (D8)

Iris Canstrom, Senate Labor Leader and presumptive presidential nominee (D9)

The list is a clear indication of how Labor plans to distinguish their slate of candidates. Though they are focused on making sure Canstrom and her to-be-determined running mate make it across the finish line, the selection of gubernatorial candidates to speak is intended to show that Labor is serious about making sure their districtwide candidates are also at the forefront of people’s minds when they vote. There are seven districts that hold their districtwide elections concurrently with the presidential election, and that is often blown over by parties, leaving Liberty wide open to gaining seats due to the party’s institutional strength.


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