Wilkie confirmed as AG; Erickson confirmed as SG

The Senate convened again today, finally confirming former D7 Senator Calvin Wilkie as Attorney General and former Attorney General Karina Erickson as Solicitor General.

The two nominations had been sitting before the Senate for weeks due to a summer recess following Judiciary Committee votes that had split on party lines.

Attorney General Calvin Wilkie, a former Liberty Party senator from District 7, was selected by the president in a surprise decision. Wilkie previously served as District 7’s Attorney General and as a federal attorney representing District 7 before running for senator, where he served until his nomination for Attorney General. Following his nomination, Wilkie resigned his seat in order to avoid what he called a “conflict of interest,” leading then-Solicitor General Jacqueline Warner to be appointed by Governor Mason Wallace as his replacement.

Solicitor General Karina Erickson was also considered a surprise pick for the office based on the fact that she served previously as Attorney General under President Katniss Everdeen (Liberty-D12). According to reports, President Mellark, Everdeen, Vice President Tarson, and Senator Warner all encouraged her to take the position despite Erickson almost turning it down. Erickson has had an accomplished career in law, serving first as a federal attorney over District 13, then as D13’s Attorney General, and of course as the Everdeen administration’s Attorney General.


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