Conservative nominee Kaitlyn Jones spurns Canth endorsements

It seems that these days no Canth family members are liked. Apparently, that’s the case even within their own party.

Former District 11 governor Kaitlyn Jones, the newly-anointed Conservative nominee for president, and her running mate, former Interior secretary Delia Sutherland, were contacted by former President Rick Canth and Representative Jackson Canth, the previous nominees for the Conservative Party. The letter, sent from the prison that both Canths currently are serving time in, congratulated Jones and Sutherland on their wins in the Conservative Party’s primary process and offered the two brothers’ endorsements.

The answer to the endorsement offer, according to the Jones-Sutherland campaign, is “not no, but hell no.”

In a comment given to The Panem Free Press, the spokesman for the Conservative Party campaign made it quite clear that the Canth endorsements were far from accepted. “President Canth and his brother made a laughing stock of the Conservative Party and nearly destroyed the integrity of the office of the presidency. We suggest that the former President and Mr. Canth refrain from making any further comments regarding the Conservative campaign for president unless they seek to have legal action taken against them,” the spokesman stated.

This break from the Canth era of the Conservative Party is hardly unexpected. Jones cordially rebuked the Canth administration during her one-on-one interview with The Panem Free Press and made it a point to distinguish her brand of Conservative ideology from that of the former President’s. Jones and Sutherland have both been candid about their fierce disagreement with Canth and much of how he approached his presidency- and how that directly impacted their careers.

The Canths, undoubtedly keeping in mind the legal threat from the Jones-Sutherland campaign, declined to comment when contacted for this story.


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