Civic nominee Patrick Newsom releases VP shortlist

Senator Patrick Newsom, the Civic Party’s nominee for president, released a four-name shortlist for his future nomination for the Civic Party’s vice presidential nomination.

Like the Centre Party, the Civic Party forgoes a primary contest to select their nominee for vice president, rather allowing the presidential nominee to select their own choice for a running mate.

The shortlist is as follows:

  • Samuel Trenton, former Cabinet Secretary and VP nominee (Capitol): Trenton would be a unifying choice for certain; though Newsom swept the contests, many Trenton voters are uncertain of their party’s nominee following a heated primary contest and would likely be pleased if Trenton joined the ticket as the VP nominee. The bad part about the pick is that while Newsom is seen as potentially electable, Trenton has already competed for the vice presidency three times- and he lost all three times. Voters know him, and voters haven’t been keen on voting for him. There’s no indication that this would change, which may end up leading to a split result in the executive branch.
  • Sadie Myers, former senator (D3): Myers served for many years in the Senate and served as the leader of the Civic senators for most of that time. Newsom may be inclined to pick her due to his friendship that he’s developed with Myers after serving with her in the Senate for years and also because she may appeal to Trenton voters who are looking for a less volatile choice for VP. The bad part is that voters rejected her narrowly in District 3, the most Civic district in the nation. An argument could be made, as with Trenton, that Myers is unelectable, which could lead to a push to select someone else.
  • Quentin Kennedy, senator (D6): Civic only has so many officeholders to go around, so the fact that Kennedy is under consideration isn’t a shock. However, it is both a pro and a con that Kennedy is virtually unknown to the general public; though he has a large following in District 6, most of the nation is rather unaware. This also extends to Civic voters, a majority of which confirmed in a recent poll that they had never heard of him. While this does take away the advantage of name recognition, it also may allow for new opinions to be formed and possibly allow Kennedy to serve as a running mate that would unite the party.
  • Amelia Vance, representative (D10): The biggest shock of the shortlist, Amelia Vance, who represents District 10’s second congressional district in Congress, was included. Vance is known for her ardent anti-war stance and for her failed legislation that would reverse the Mellark tax cuts for corporations. Vance would be a definite rebuke to the Trenton wing, pushing away the centrist establishment for a true left-wing ticket that would seek to distinguish themselves from the Labor Party. Vance, however, has a clear lack of experience; Joan Kindred and Jackson Canth were likewise attacked for their lack of governing and foreign policy experience.

Newsom has not set a date as to when he will announce his final choice for vice president, but it is likely that he will announce before the Civic convention in June.


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