BREAKING: Julie Roydon announces Matthias Christian as VP running mate

Centre Party nominee Julie Roydon has made her pick for vice president official today in District 10.

Roydon, a senator from the Capitol, has selected Representative Matthias Christian as her vice presidential running mate for the upcoming general election. She made the big announcement in at a campaign rally in District 10, where Christian currently serves in Congress.

“Matthias Christian is a man of integrity and honor. He is a man who truly understands the sacrifice that our armed forces undergo each and every day. He understands the fight that our citizens endure as they watch their infrastructure deteriorate, discover their government has become less transparent, and their fear that their country will become involved in conflict after conflict when we don’t have any reason to be. Matthias Christian is an excellent representative, and he will be an outstanding Vice President of the Republic of Panem.” — Senator Julie Roydon (Centre-Capitol)

Roydon’s pick of Christian as her running mate shows that she is making a definite move for the voters of President Mellark, the Liberty Party’s nominee. Christian was acknowledged to be the more right-wing pick of the three potential VP nominees from the shortlist released by Roydon only two weeks ago.

This decision also may push Senator Patrick Newsom, the Civic nominee, to make a choice that appeals more to the left. Newsom, whose party allows him to select who he will run with, may feel following this announcement that there is a definite left-wing void to be filled in the VP race, leading him to select a more progressive nominee such as Senator Quentin Kennedy or Representative Amelia Vance. Likewise, he may wait to see the results of the Labor National Convention where Labor will nominate their VP candidate after a brutal primary.

The announcement of the Roydon-Christian ticket makes for the third finalized ticket for the general election, along with President Mellark and Vice President Tarson as the Liberty Party nominees and former Governor Kaitlyn Jones and former Secretary Delia Sutherland as the nominees of the Conservative Party.


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