BREAKING: Centre nominee Julie Roydon releases final VP shortlist

BREAKING: Senator Julie Roydon, the Centre Party’s nominee for president of Panem, has released her final shortlist for her vice presidential nominee.

The list is as follows:

  • Joseph Garrett, senator (D15): Garrett brings the most gravitas to the ticket in a party that has very little gravitas to give. However, the selection of Garrett puts his District 15 Senate seat in peril as his replacement would be named by Liberty governor Gale Hawthorne pending a special election. Garrett is as close to a centrist as possible, making him Roydon’s ideal pick.
  • Matthias Christian, representative (D10): Christian, one of the two Christian brothers that currently represent District 10 in Congress, is considered to be a solid pick. Christian is a solid debater, photogenic, and very popular among his constituents. He also serves on the Armed Services Committee in the House as the ranking member from the Centre Party and served a tour in Oceania while in the Panem Army. Christian would be the best pick to appeal to Liberty voters as he tends to lean right.
  • Adrianne Horsfall, representative (D1): Horsfall is a close friend of Roydon’s, hence why she likely made the shortlist. However, Horsfall could be a viable pick due to her tenure as a representative, where she serves on the Judiciary Committee and as ranking member on the Homeland Security Committee. Horsfall tends to be more left-wing than other Centre members, which would appeal more to Civic and Labor members.

The Centre Party, along with the Civic Party, nominate their vice presidential candidates without the use of a primary process, instead determining them by nomination by the presidential candidate.



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