REPORT: Paylor pushing Trenton to withdraw from Civic primary race

Reports indicate that former President and Civic standard-bearer Cecelia Paylor, who has been a close campaign advisor to Samuel Trenton, is now pushing Trenton to exit the race and endorse Patrick Newsom.

Trenton suffered a series of bruising defeats at the hands of Newsom yesterday, putting Newsom only 50 delegates short of the Civic nomination. Trenton only won District 1, while Newsom won Districts 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, and 12.

An exit by Trenton would simply make official the inevitable: Patrick Newsom, the firebrand candidate preferred by the Civic base, will become the Civic nominee. It would cement what is considered to be one of the most stunning upsets in Panem politics as Trenton was expected to win by large numbers at the beginning of the primary season.

Trenton’s campaign has not been available to comment on this story or on their recent string of losses.


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