BREAKING: Samuel Trenton withdraws from Civic presidential race

BREAKING: Samuel Trenton, the former cabinet secretary and Civic VP nominee, has withdrawn from the Civic presidential primary following a string of brutal losses at the hands of Senator Patrick Newsom.

Trenton, speaking from the steps of the Panem Capitol, stated the following:

“While I would love for the voters of this nation to have allowed me to represent them as their nominee, I must respect their wishes. There is simply no path forward for me in this nomination process, and as such, I must withdraw my candidacy for President effective immediately. I thank you all, and I congratulate Senator Newsom on his victory. I look forward with working with him in the future to ensure that the Civic Party takes the White House this election.”

Trenton’s withdrawal from the race makes Newsom the presumptive nominee of the Civic Party this election. Newsom, a firebrand and a grassroots-based candidate, has gained a large following among voters of all stripes for his charisma. Currently, Newsom polls higher than any Civic candidate in history, a plus for the party. Now all eyes will turn to Newsom as he recommends his choice for vice president.


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