BREAKING: Pres. Mellark announces troop withdrawal from Greece

BREAKING: President Peeta Mellark is set to make an address to the citizens of Panem today in which he will announce the imminent withdrawal of troops from the region of Greece, according to reports coming out of the White House.

The war in Greece, which has led to dozens of Panem troop casualties, has not been popular with the general populace of Panem and has led to middling approvals for the President and his administration. It is not certain if this withdrawal will be following achievement of the goals set forth by Mellark when he announced the intervention or not.

More to come as we get it…

UPDATE: President Mellark addressed the nation moments ago:

“Citizens of Panem, we have finally reached a point in our intervention into the crisis in Greece that we can withdraw our armed forces from the area. This mission was a success, and we accomplished our goals that we set forth when we set out on this mission. Now we will leave this conflict to be settled between the Grecorussian Empire and the Greek forces.

We decided to end our involvement following the recovery of the nuclear materials that had disappeared in Greece and the capture of the nuclear stockpiles there. After agreement with the Grecorussian government, we have decided to take control of the nuclear stockpile permanently by way of transporting it out of the region, which remains quite volatile. There is no reason that such dangerous materials should remain in proximity to such armed conflict, and nuclear weapons should remain a weapon of last resort, something that we cannot ascertain the Greek forces are able to understand.

This victory came with great loss. We must pay tribute to our fallen soldiers and to those who have risked their lives in order to ensure the safety of not only Panem, but also of the world. To all of you, we thank you for your service.

Our mission, however, is still not complete. While we were able to secure all nuclear materials that were disappeared by the Greek forces, some is still unaccounted for. We are not sure who has control of this material, but rest assured that Panem along with her allies will find this material and apprehend those who intend to use it.

Thank you, and God bless the Republic of Panem.”


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