23 dead as Panem troops enter first day of war in Greece

Panem troops officially landed in Greece on Tuesday, marking the first day of Panem’s intervention in the Grecorussian conflict. So far, Greece has kept to their threats, resulting in twenty-three Panem military casualties.

The intervention in Greece is intended to prevent nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of volatile entities, according to the State Department. However, in regards to further action beyond that, the Panem government has remained silent as to whether troops will come home immediately following achieving the goals of the intervention.

The death toll so far in Greece is higher than that of any war so early on in the conflict next to the Panem Revolution. The Panem military post-revolution has historically been very quick and efficient in their war strategy, preventing mass casualties on the behalf of Panem soldiers. However, with this conflict, President Peeta Mellark puts his reputation (and possibly his presidency) on the line. If the war continues on with such casualties, there is a very high likelihood that Panem would be forced to withdraw from the conflict.


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