BREAKING: Greek rebels threaten Grecorussian Empire with “nuclear destruction”

BREAKING: Rebels from the region of Greece are threatening to use the nuclear weapons obtained from the stockpile they claimed at the beginning of their civil war with the Grecorussian Empire, threatening “nuclear destruction.”

The rebels, who have declared unilateral independence from the Grecorussian Empire, obtained the weapons upon gaining control of the compound that contained the stockpile. The use of Grecorussian nuclear weapons has been of great concern for the Western world as the Empire remains Panem and other countries’ closest ally in the East. The escalation of the conflict has led to greater concern over the potential use of the weapons, but there had been no explicit threat until now. Should the conflict result in the launching of the weapons by Greece, it is likely that the Grecorussian Empire would follow suit with their own nuclear weapons. Nonetheless, the president of the disputed nation of Greece, Pavlos Katsaros, stated today in a televised statement that “Greece will not back down against the Grecorussian regime. It is time for Grecorussia to become just Greece and Russia once again. What is good for Moscow is not good for Athens. It never has been, and it never will be. Since war is what it takes to get Moscow’s attention, we will use war. If nuclear weapons are what it takes to get Moscow’s attention, we will use these weapons. We are not afraid to employ nuclear destruction against the tyrants in Moscow.”

Furthermore, the rebels issued a stark statement for the Western world, particularly Panem: “This is a conflict between Greece and Russia. This is not a conflict that involves you. Back away, and we will make sure that we do not start another world war. We will not hurt you unless you involve yourselves in a conflict that you have no standing to be involved with.”

This statement received sharp criticism from the majority of Europe and certainly from Panem. Below are a few statements:

Panem (Secretary of State Celine Oswald): “The Grecorussian Empire remains an ally of the nation of Panem, and we deeply condemn the statements made today by Pavlos Katsaros regarding potential use of nuclear weapons. We urge for a peaceful resolution to this conflict. However, in regards to Mr. Katsaros’s statement regarding outside military action, let me be completely clear: we will be entering the region of Greece. We will be locating the lost nuclear weapons, which were either negligently lost by Mr. Katsaros’s forces or maliciously given to terrorists by Mr. Katsaros and his forces. We do not seek to wage a war with anyone, but considering the hostility that has been conveyed by the Greek rebels, we have no choice. There is no separate Greece or Russia. There is only the Grecorussian Empire. Any separation is not recognized by Panem, and it would be contrary to our interests to insist otherwise.”

United Kingdom (Prime Minister Edith Felton): “If the conflict continues to escalate and nuclear weaponry is used by the Greek forces, we simply must intervene. We cannot afford yet another world war. We cannot let the Greek region devolve into a nuclear wasteland. There is simply too much at stake for humanity. So, Mr. Katsaros, be warned: we will be coming for you. Make intelligent choices.”

Grecorussian Empire (President Rostislav Alexeieva): “There is one Grecorussia. There is not a Greece and a Russia. We are united as one. These separatists are not legitimate in the slightest, even if they have procured nuclear weapons. However, let me make something clear: if attacked, we will strike back harder. The traitors will not be able to attack again following what we will respond with.”



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