Senator Julie Roydon makes presidential run official

Senator Julie Roydon, the junior senator from the Capitol, made her run for president official today on the steps of the Panem Capitol.

“I will not stand by any longer,” Roydon remarked in her announcement speech. “We have many choices for president here in Panem. What we currently do not have is the right choice. We don’t have a common-sense candidate, one that will stand up for all individuals, one that will make sure that the government is not for the corporations but by the people and for the people. We currently do not have a single candidate who is not an ideologue. We must have a candidate who is prepared for the presidency and also is prepared to listen to the people of this great nation. That is why I, Julie Roydon, will run for president this election, and that is why I will be seeking help from all of you in restoring this great nation and giving it back to the people. Enough of the politics. Let’s have some real citizen governance.”

Roydon is the first Centre candidate to enter into the presidential ring, and likely will be the only one. Other Centre politicians, specifically Senators Clarke Randall and Joseph Garrett and former Representative Sextimus Dalton, have declined to run for president in order to give way to Senator Roydon. If no one contests the primary, Senator Roydon will become the party’s first presidential nominee and will make her pick for vice president.

Roydon’s entry is also notable as it cements the rise of the Centre Party in Panem politics. While the Centre Party has been making large congressional gains over the past two elections, this is the first time that they have contested a presidential election, and according to recent polls, Centre is set to make the largest splash against President Mellark and Vice President Tarson in a general election scenario.


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