Primary debates swiftly approaching as candidates scramble for coverage

The primary debates for the Labor, Civic, and Conservative Parties are swiftly approaching as each party’s candidates scramble to make a strong impact in their runs for office.

The Labor presidential debate will be held first, being held in District 5. The debate, held in a standard format, will feature all four main candidates, the order of which is determined by standing in the most recent polls and will be detailed below.

Delta — Kindred — Denton — Canstrom

This debate will be focused on a range of different topics, but most focused on the economy, foreign policy, and candidate’s records.

Next will come the Civic presidential debate, to be held in District 8. This debate will be held in a traditional style much like the Labor debate and will be the first of two. The second debate will be held during the primary season. As there are only two candidates, no specific placement will be made in regards to podium usage. The debate, like the Labor debate, will focus on many issues.

The Labor Party will then hold its vice presidential debate following the Civic debate. This is the only planned debate of the VP candidates, and will be held in District 11. The debate will be focused mainly on candidates’ qualifications and previous records, in addition to plans for a potential administration. Candidate order is featured below.

Murray — Stemp — Wendle

The final debates to be held prior to primary season will be the Conservative presidential and vice presidential debates. These debates will be held back-to-back on the same night with one being aired at 6 PM CST and the other aired at 8 PM CST. As with the Labor VP debate, the topics of the VP debate will be focused on party issues and qualifications for the vice presidency while the presidential debate will be a catchall of many topics. The order of the VP debate is below.

Oliver — Germaine — Sutherland

The order of the presidential debate is below.

Pierce — Maxwell — Jones




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