Alexandra West confirmed as Associate Justice, succeeding Malcolm Lowell

Alexandra West was confirmed today as Panem’s newest Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, succeeding the late Malcolm Lowell. She will be the second person to serve in that seat after Lowell.

West also resigned from her position of Attorney General following her confirmation. This now allows for confirmation hearings to begin for Calvin Wilkie, President Mellark’s nominee to replace West at the Justice Department. Wilkie previously served as senator of District 7. His resignation as senator, ironically, led to another series of appointments. His successor in the Senate was Jacquelyn Warner, who had to resign her post as Solicitor General in order to take office as D7 Senator. This led to Karina Erickson, a former attorney general, being named Solicitor General. Wilkie’s hearing will occur on Monday, with a recommendation vote from the committee on Tuesday. Following that, Erickson’s hearing will begin.

The vote tally for West’s confirmation is as follows:

Voting aye (25): Bass (Lib-D1), Benson (Lib-Capitol), Briscoe (Lib-D7), Debroff (Lib-D11), Delacruz (Lib-D5), Delsont (Lib-D11), Descoteaux (Lib-D14), Ellsworth (Lib-D3), Folsom (Lib-D8), Garrett (Centre-D15), Hampton (Lib-D2), Harrison (Lib-D4), James (Lib-D2), Oppenheim (Lib-D13), Quaker (Lib-D12), Qurius (Lib-D5), Randall (Centre-D9), Roydon (Centre-Capitol), Sanford (Lib-D15), Talton (Lib-D13), Thibault (Lib-D14), Trent (Lib-D12), Wallace (Lib-D4),  Weston (Lib-D1), Wilkie (Lib-D7).

Voting nay (7): Canstrom (Lab-D9), Kennedy (Civic-D6), Kramer (Civic-D6), Newsom (Civic-D3), Richards (Lab-D10), Wallace (Lab-D8), Walters (Lab-D10)


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