BREAKING: Grecorussian nukes reported missing

BREAKING: According to the Grecorussian Defense Ministry, nuclear weapons that were in the hands of the Greek military due to the presence of the nuclear arsenal in the Grecorussian province of Greece are now unaccounted for.

The Grecorussian Empire, behind Panem, has the second-largest nuclear weapons stockpile in the world. The Empire began production on their stockpile following Panem’s win in the Panem-IANO War with the intent of keeping the weapons for defensive measures. The weapons were kept in two provinces: the province of Greece, which is obviously ground zero for the civil war, and the province of Moscow, which also contains the capital of the Grecorussian Empire.

It is unknown where the nuclear weapons are or who has control of them. The two most likely possibilities are:

a) Greece has taken the nuclear weapons stockpile and moved it to another location as a means of preserving set of “last resort” weapons


b) Another group of dubious origin has gained control of parts or the entirety of the stockpile with intent to harm sovereign nations.

Due to this escalation, it is likely that Panem may seek to step in and intervene in the conflict in order to recover the weapons. President Peeta Mellark has already dubbed the possibility of lost nukes a “disturbing scenario that would require our intervention.” Such an intervention would require the approval of Congress, who will almost certainly pass an approval of the intervention as the majority belongs to the President’s party. However, the Red-Green coalition has gained support from the Conservative Party in opposing a potential intervention.


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