BREAKING: Pres. Mellark to name Alexandra West to SC spot

BREAKING: According to sources from within the White House, President Peeta Mellark (Liberty-D12) will name Alexandra West as his pick to succeed the recently passed Malcolm Lowell on the Supreme Court.

Alexandra West currently serves as the Attorney General of the Republic of Panem, presiding over the Department of Justice. Prior to this post, West served as the junior senator from District 1. Known for being a firebrand, West served as senatorial chair of the Joint Special Committee on Presidential Election Bribery, which indirectly resulted in the impeachment and removal of President Rick Canth (Conservative-D7). West previously ran for vice president as well, ultimately losing to current Vice President Rebecca Tarson (Liberty-D12).

The selection of West was deemed to be one of the more unlikely choices that the President could make, particularly due to her firebrand nature and her affinity for politics. However, following Solicitor General Jacquelyn Warner declining the nomination, West was the next choice on the President’s list. West must now be confirmed by a vote of the Senate. It is likely due to West’s political nature and fiery personality that her nomination will meet fierce pushback from Panem’s left-wing parties. Nonetheless, any filibuster by the opposition would only be sustained if they can convince ten Liberty senators to join the filibuster, a move that is incredibly unlikely to happen.

With the vacancy that will arise with West’s nomination, now speculation will begin regarding West’s successor should she be confirmed to the high court. Top picks include:

  • Solicitor General Jacquelyn Warner (Liberty-D7)
  • Former AG Karina Erickson (Liberty-D13)
  • Senator Hanley Trent (Liberty-D12)
  • Former AG Cecelia Paylor (Civic-D8)
  • Senator Calvin Wilkie (Liberty-D7)

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