Yet Another Appointment: A Look at Potential Nominees

Justice Malcolm Lowell’s passing was tragic and struck a chord throughout the judicial system. Now, it is up to President Mellark to determine Lowell’s successor- a lofty task due to the reverence around the Justice. Let’s look at some of his options.


Cecelia Paylor: Appointed by President Cecelia PaylorMellark as his national security advisor, it is no secret that Paylor would vie for this position. Paylor has previously served as Attorney General, heading up the Department of Justice. She has extensive experience with the court. However, she lacks judicial experience and her views are very opposed to what President Mellark may wish to have on the Court.

Odds: 12/1

Solicitor General Jacquelyn Warner: After only being appointed Solicitor General by President Mellark about two years ago, Jacquelyn Warner has risen to the top of many lists for this position. Her main obstacle remains her major lack of judicial experience, but considering that many on this lack such experience, it becomes less of an issue. A Warner appointment would not lack precedent, either: Associate Justice Felix Munoz served as Solicitor General before ascending to his position on the Court. Warner, however, has been expressed as a potential candidate for political office as well as a potential nominee for Attorney General. Nonetheless, Warner has stated in the past that a nomination to the Supreme Court would be “hard to pass up if that ever did come,” but that “the President would be wise to pick someone more qualified for the position.” We put her on this list as most likely to be chosen, but in reality, the nomination is more of a tossup at this point.

Odds: 3/1 

Senator Hanley Trent: A senator from the President’s home district and a personal friend of the Everdeen-Mellark family, Senator Hanley Trent made the shortlist for both previous Supreme Court openings. Before being elected senator, Trent served as District Attorney for the Capitol of District 12, Attorney General ofSenator Hanley Trent District 12, and as Deputy Attorney General in Karina Erickson’s Justice Department. Trent has extensive experience with the Supreme Court, having appeared before the Court no less than twenty times over the course of his career. However, like Paylor, Trent lacks judicial experience.

Odds: 6/1


Attorney General Alexandra West: The Attorney General of Panem has a particular tendency to land on lists such as this one due to the experience and prestige that the office brings. As such, it should not be a surprise that Alexandra West ends up being considered for this position. However, it is unknown if West is interested in leaving the political realm for a lifetime appointment in a system that is not known for fiery personas.



Odds: 7/1

Karina EricksoKarina Ericksonn: The former Attorney General in the Everdeen administration, Erickson should be an immediate thought in the minds of many that are formulating a list for an Associate Justice. Erickson’s time as Panem Attorney for District 13, Attorney General of District 13, and as President Everdeen’s Attorney General leaves her well qualified for the position. Many point to her lack of judicial experience, but most names under consideration also face this issue. Championing Erickson is Secretary Celine Oswald, a personal friend of Erickson’s.

Odds: 5/1


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