Malcolm Lowell, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, dies aged 83

Malcolm Lowell, the eldest justice of the Panem Supreme Court, died on Sunday. He was 83 years old.

Lowell was a revered jurist in Panem’s history. A practicing lawyer for many years under the Snow regime, Lowell was incarcerated by the regime for “undermining the government.” He spent most of his career fighting the government for rights that they were unwilling to provide to their citizens. By the time of his incarceration, Lowell had become a household name as a legal freedom fighter, even if his chances of winning were slim to none.

Following the Panem Revolution, President Cecelia Paylor appointed the attorney to serve on Panem’s highest court. He took the appointment at age 62, the oldest of the President’s appointees at the time. As a justice, Lowell presided over cases that would determine the future of our nation and watched as our nation battled crisis after crisis. Yet, he stood strong as he was in his youth when he took on the regime of Coriolanus Snow.

Lowell, despite being the oldest of the justices, was not the first justice to leave the bench. Sean Wheeler, Panem’s first chief justice, resigned after 18 years on the bench and set the precedent for chief justices to follow in regards to resignation. In addition, justices Terrance Gray, Isaiah Keys, and Lloyd Blackburn all retired under President Everdeen’s tenure as president. Lowell, however, will now set the precedent for when a Supreme Court associate justice exercises his or her right to serve a true life term on the bench.

The appointment to replace Lowell will be tough as the new justice will have major shoes to fill. President Mellark issued the following statement:

“Justice Lowell served honorably on our nation’s highest court for twenty-one years. He oversaw multiple administrations, wars, strife, success, and ensured the stability of our nation through his steady hand as a jurist. He will be missed dreadfully, and I will do all I can to fill his seat with yet another jurist who will serve long and hard to ensure that this nation remains free and just for every citizen.”

This appointment will be President Mellark’s third Supreme Court appointment. Whenever Chief Justice Wheeler resigned, Mellark nominated Associate Justice Francine Ashland Brewster to serve in his seat while nominating Governor Cynthia Thompson to replace her as an Associate Justice.


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