Grecorussian Civil War continues into second week

The civil war in the Grecorussian Empire continued on into a second week, further destabilizing the boundary between Europe and Asia.

According to reports from the Grecorussian government, around 250 fatalities have been reported as a result of ongoing conflict. It is expected that this number will continue to rise as the civil war continues.

The State Department still is declining to answer questions regarding the conflict. Despite multiple requests for further statement by the State Department, the Department is refusing to comment on the legitimacy of the new Greek government, on potential intervention into the civil war, or what measures Panem and its allies will seek to take should the nuclear weapons of the Grecorussian Empire fall into the wrong hands.

Meanwhile, multiple governments have waded into the discussion of the legitimacy of Greece as an independent nation. The Grecorussian Empire has warned that recognition of Greece as an independent nation would put “severe strain” on relations between the Empire and other nations. Nonetheless, this has not prevented the governments of Ireland, Spain, the Oceanian Republic, and the Polish-Ukrainian Republic from recognizing Greece outright as an independent nation. Meanwhile, the Netherlands, Australia, and Scotland refused to acknowledge Greece as an independent nation. The United Kingdom, France, the Zealandic Republic, South Africa, Switzerland, and Panem have not issued a formal statement supporting or opposing Greece’s independence.

The Republic of Panem is currently put in an untenable situation due to recent foreign policy. The Grecorussian Empire is known to be a key ally to Panem, both in trade and by means of military assistance. Panem has multiple bases in the Grecorussian Empire dating back from World War IV, and any recognition of Greece would jeopardize the existence of those bases and with any agreements between the Empire and Panem. However, Greece held a democratic vote in which the citizens voted for independence. As Secretary Celine Oswald has said in the past, “Panem will fight for the citizens of the world to exercise their right to select their own government through democratic means.” As such, it has been the position of the Panem government for many years that democratically elected governments should be recognized, and in theory, Greece would be a prime example of one to recognize.


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