DoD dismisses potential intervention in Greece, declares nukes to be “utmost concern”

The Department of Defense, via Secretary Jonathan Madison (Liberty-D4), dismissed the idea of a potential intervention in Greece.

Madison stated, “The nation of Panem has no interest in meddling with the affairs of a sovereign nation or a contested region unless it directly affects Panem’s interests or if war crimes are committed. In those two cases, we can and should intervene, but as the war currently stands, it is not our battle to fight.”

This follows silence from the State Department on the same issues. However, it was widely expected that Panem would not intervene as it would anger the Grecorussian government, a key ally of Panem.

However, upon the topic of the Grecorussian nuclear stockpile, Secretary Madison took a much harsher tone. “In regards to any nuclear weapons in the region potentially falling into the hands of an enemy of Panem or of democratic society as a whole, this scenario would easily fall under the category of protecting Panem’s interests. We certainly would intervene in Greece under these circumstances, and the theft of nuclear weapons are of utmost concern to us here at Defense.”


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