ELECTION RUNDOWN: Maxwell, Pierce, Jones running for president; Stemp, Murray, Wendle, Germaine, Oliver, Sutherland running for VP

In our latest election rundown:

Three new contenders entered the ring for the presidency, all from the Conservative Party.

  • Robert F. Maxwell: Mr. Maxwell, well known for his iconoclastic run last election, has officially entered the race for the Conservative nomination. He is considered the most well-known contender and is the leader of a particularly outspoken wing of the party that may put him in the driver’s seat this time around. However, he will likely face questions and attacks regarding his email scandal as well as his independent run, which was considered by many to be detrimental to then-President Rick Canth’s run for reelection. Maxwell is once again joined by former Intelligence Secretary Lynn Germaine as his running mate.
  • Secretary Kurtis Pierce: Secretary Pierce, a veteran Conservative who has been with the party since its inception, officially announced his run hours after Mr. Maxwell. Pierce served as former President Rick Canth’s running mate eight years ago and then served as Panem’s Secretary of the Treasury. Pierce will easily pick up the Canth wing of the party, but will face attacks and questions about his time in the Cabinet and about his connections to the former President. Pierce will be running with Jack Oliver, the former Secretary of Global Development, as his pick for VP.
  • Governor Kaitlyn Jones: The last remaining Conservative governor before her defeat four years ago, Jones threw her hat into the ring unexpectedly. While she had made some musings and gotten some attention previously, her political silence following her defeat had been viewed as a permanent retirement. Instead, she came out with guns ablazing, pledging that the Conservative Party deserved a unified leadership and that she would provide it with herself and her running mate, former Interior Secretary Delia Sutherland. Jones faces an uphill slope due to a lack of name recognition, but likewise, this may provide her with a pass from the previous issues of the Conservative Party and allow for a new start should she be nominated.

Six new candidates for vice president emerged as well. In addition to the three previously mentioned, three Labor candidates announced their runs:

  • Governor Thomas Stemp: A well-known name in Labor circles, Stemp has remained mostly quiet since his runs during the time of Katniss Everdeen. However, Stemp announced his newest run on Friday after much speculation. Stemp previously ran for president once, losing in a brokered convention. He also ran for vice president twice, losing the nomination both times. Most recently, he was the governor of District 1 before he was defeated four years ago by now-Governor Zane Tempore. Stemp’s main issue will be that he represents the past of the Labor Party- as in the “Before Felicia Ren” chapter. That time wasn’t much more productive for Labor, but it’s likely that his argument will be that the party then was hampered by President Everdeen’s popularity. Will he be able to make a case in the light of President Mellark’s popularity?
  • Senator Ophelie Murray: She’s back! The former District 3 senator, who even in the past was considered an enigma due to the state’s lean towards the Civic Party, announced that she will run for vice president. Murray is remembered for her run for president against Thomas Stemp, who she now faces off against for VP. Neither won the nomination that year, with future President Rick Canth winning the nomination in a brokered convention. Murray was considered to be politically dead following her disastrous second run for the presidency. However, she’s popped up for a run for VP, and it’s unknown what her platform or rationale will be.
  • Representative Teraton Wendle: Wendle is the current leader of the Labor representatives, and that’s the extent of his name recognition. He announced his run to little fervor, but it appears that he plans to run on the future, not the past. It’s unknown if he will catch wind enough to fly into the nomination, but it’s possible.

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