Amb. Steinbeck declines third run for presidency, endorses President Mellark

Ambassador to the Council of Nations Elizabeth Steinbeck, an independent, will not be running for president- this year.

In an interview with The Panem Free Press, Ambassador Steinbeck declined to run for a third time against her new boss. “I’m quite pleased with my position as Ambassador to the Council of Nations, and frankly, I’m actually quite pleased with President Mellark and his administration. So, no, I won’t be running for president this election, or for vice president either.” She joked, though, telling the reporters that “if any of you are searching for people to speculate about, go talk to Pauline.” Pauline Crystal, Steinbeck’s most recent running mate, is considering a run for president this year. No word has been given on that front, however.

When pressed about her political future, she did not rule out running for higher office. “Honestly, I’m focused right now on making sure our country is well on the world stage. We are in such a crucial point in Panem’s history, and we can’t afford to slip away, even for a moment. But, looking down the line, I could see myself running again.” This left the door open for a third Steinbeck run, and based on her success in the previous election and the rise in her approval numbers, it makes a run possible.

Returning back to the current election, Steinbeck was asked if she planned to support the President in his run for reelection, and her views on a Crystal run since she was not running herself. “Well, in all honesty, if I were to advise Pauline on what to do, I’d tell her not to run. That being said, Pauline definitely might want to run for reasons that we may not agree upon, and that is fine. However, I can tell you right here and right now that I’m endorsing President Peeta Mellark for a second term as president of the Republic of Panem. That’s my final call on that unless something goes incredibly wrong and forces me to change my mind.”


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