Labor Party presidential primary ignites with entry of Kindred, Delta, Canstrom, and Denton

The Labor Party presidential primary ignited over the weekend with the entry of four major candidates, one of which was expected while the other three shook the Labor Party landscape.

The first to enter was former Secretary Joan Kindred, who we gave a 90 percent chance of running. Upon Ren stepping aside, it was only fitting that her second-in-command would decide to run. Kindred, however, is running on more than being the former VP nominee. She’s focusing her campaign on transportation and infrastructure, two things she dealt with as Secretary of Transportation.

On the same day, former Secretary Walter Delta entered the race. During our initial predictions, Delta was not considered a potential candidate as his public persona was close to nonexistent. However, as a former VP nominee of the Labor Party, Delta still has name recognition like Kindred, which allows him to jump right back in as if he never left. In his announcement speech Delta pledged to be a voice for the “common worker, like those who I worked hand in hand with in District 11 and when I served as Secretary of Agriculture.”

Senator Iris Canstrom announced her campaign for president rather unexpectedly a day after Kindred and Delta. Canstrom had offered no signs of intending to run for higher office, even if she had never categorically denied the possibility of running for president or VP. However, Canstrom made shockwaves when she announced her run, focusing on education, national security, and foreign policy.

By far, however, the most shocking announcement of all was the entry of Representative Sylvenia Denton. Denton, arguably one of the most controversial politicians in Panem’s history, is best known for her speech in Congress where she openly attacked multiple people by name and for spitting at the First Couple at a gala held by the White House. She announced her campaign, which will focus on “restoring Panem’s greatness.” Denton’s announcement was immediately condemned by members of other parties, such as Senator Clarke Randall, who stated that “no one who espouses such horrid language and has such utter disrespect for the President of Panem should be eligible to be the President of Panem,” and Governor Serena Ross, who said that “the Canth administration wouldn’t even be able to hold a candle to what a Denton administration would be like.”


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