The Mockingjay wins Best Picture at Academy Awards

The first annual Academy Awards, sponsored by the Panem Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, was held on Sunday night in District 1. This year marked a major step forward for Panem’s film industry, where film studios finally managed to reignite the spark in Panem’s citizenry that existed during the heyday of Panem’s predecessor, the United States of America. Much like the American Academy, Panem’s Academy awarded the top performers and films of this year in a lavish ceremony.

A rundown of the winners are below.

Best Picture: The Mockingjay

Francisco Alvarez directed this landmark film that was noted for its historical accuracy of the Panem Revolution and its portrayal of former President Katniss Everdeen and current President Peeta Mellark. By no means was its win a surprise; with actors such as Hannah Martin and Max Wolfe, this movie was always destined for a win.

Best Actor: Max Wolfe, The Mockingjay

Like we said, Max Wolfe is a great actor, and his acting as Peeta Mellark in The Mockingjay was superb.

Best Actress: Hannah Martin, The Mockingjay

Of course the star of the show would receive this award. Hannah Martin, like Max Wolfe, had this locked down from the beginning.

Best Supporting Actor: Randall Moreno, Starlight

Moreno provided a bright spot for the anti-Mockingjay crowd as he managed to win in a highly competitive category. Starlight is a film centered around an Avox on a quest to return to his home following the Panem Revolution. Moreno played Jackson Berth, a traveler that assisted the main character on his trip home.

Best Supporting Actress: Wanda Benson, The Mockingjay

The Mockingjay won again in this category with Benson, who played the role of Johanna Mason. Benson was critically acclaimed for her acting in this role, which propelled her to victory in this category even though her part did not feature nearly the same airtime as other female roles.

Best Director: Francisco Alvarez, The Mockingjay

It was almost a given that Alvarez would win this following the critical acclaim that The Mockingjay received.

Best Original Screenplay: The Mockingjay

Best Adapted Screenplay: Starlight

Best Original Score: Starlight

Best Original Song: “Under the Stars” from Starlight

Best Cinematography: The Mockingjay

Best Costume Design: Vanity

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Vanity

Best Sound Editing and Mixing: The Mockingjay

Best Production Design: The Mockingjay

Best Visual Effects: The Mockingjay

Best Film Editing: The Mockingjay

Best Animated Feature: The Egg

Best Animated Short Film: Santos

Best Live Action Short Film: Coriolanus Snow

Best Documentary Feature: Canth

Best Documentary Short Subject: Adventures in Belgium

Best Foreign Language Film: A Day in the Life of Amelie (Une journée dans la vie d’Amélie) – France


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