THEY’RE IN: President Peeta Mellark and VP Rebecca Tarson announce runs for reelection

Governor Vance Fletcher (Liberty Party-District 11) speaks to the crowd amassed at President Peeta Mellark and Vice President Rebecca Tarson’s reelection rally on Tuesday in District 11. Fletcher introduced Mellark and Tarson at the rally, describing the pair as “born to lead” and asking them to simply “look at the last four years, and tell me what the difference is between then and now.”

President Peeta Mellark (Liberty-D12) and Vice President Rebecca Tarson (Liberty-D12) officially kicked off their joint campaign for reelection as president and vice president of the Republic of Panem on Tuesday during a rally held in District 11.

The executive duo, who are both currently serving their first term as president and vice president respectively, were expected to make the reelection campaign official following multiple hints at running for a second term and the creation of a political action committee, MellarkPAC. Neither Mellark nor Tarson is expected to face no true opposition from within their own party for the presidential or vice presidential nominations of the Liberty Party.

President Mellark and Vice President Tarson ascended to the top two offices in the nation following a period of political turmoil in which Panem lost its first non-Liberty Party president to impeachment for high crimes, leading to the elevation of Vice President Dale Wilson (Liberty-D12) to the presidency. With the aforementioned impeachment looming, combined with political discontentment due to a heavy recession, political scandal, national security issues, and other pressing matters, Mellark and Tarson coasted to victory in the largest win for any presidential or vice presidential candidates in history, winning around 64 percent of the vote and 118 electoral votes.

The Liberty ticket is expected to campaign on the success of their first term in office, primarily on the improving economy, the war on terrorism, and their education plan. Opponents will be hard pressed to find holes in the Liberty campaign ship, but anything is possible in Panem politics.

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