Jacquelyn Warner named Solicitor General

President Peeta Mellark (Liberty-D12) shocked political pundits today when he announced that he would name Jacquelyn Warner, the attorney general of District 7, as the next Solicitor General of the Republic of Panem.Jacquelyn Warner

Mellark announced his decision from the White House with Warner by his side, stating that “there has never been a more fitting choice or a more qualified candidate for this position.” Warner, if approved by the Senate, would become the fourteenth Solicitor General in Panem history and the first to be elevated from a district government.

As Solicitor General, Warner would be in charge of the Solicitor General’s office as well as the principal representation of the federal government at the Supreme Court. The job is a contentious one and also a tiring one. Historically, most presidents run through solicitor generals rather quickly; Cecelia Paylor had two in one term as president, Katniss Everdeen had four throughout two terms, Rick Canth had a record of five in a single term, Dale Wilson in his short time as president had only one, and Peeta Mellark will have his second in Ms. Warner. The high turnover rate is typically due to the strenuous atmosphere of the office as well as the tendency of the position to serve as a stepping stone to higher office. Of the previous officeholders, five became circuit court judges, one became a Senator (now retired), and one became a Supreme Court justice (Felix Munoz).



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