PM Felton to visit Panem in groundbreaking state visit

Edith Felton, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, will become the first foreign head of government to make a formal state visit to the Republic of Panem, according to a press release from the White House.edith-felton-2

Press Secretary Janet Wesson announced the state visit during the daily press briefing. The visit is the first in Panem’s history by any foreign head of government following the establishment of Panem-United Kingdom foreign relations. Panem established relations with the United Kingdom following the Panem-IANO War.

Prime Minister Felton was elected to the Parliament of the United Kingdom during President Everdeen’s first term and was considered top talent from her beginnings in the chamber. Only three years later did Conservative leader (and Leader of the Opposition) Danforth Brown step aside following threats of a leadership spill. Felton chose to run in the ensuing election, where she won handily on the first ballot. As such, she ascended to the post of Leader of the Opposition. It was only a year later that the Conservative Party won their first majority in over twenty years, making Felton the third female prime minister of Great Britain. edith-felton-1She followed in the footsteps of Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990) and Theresa May (2016-2026), both of which were also Tories. Should Felton remain leader of the Conservatives until the next election (and thus remaining PM), Felton will become the longest serving female PM in British history.

Felton’s personal popularity is considered an enigma by British analysts. Despite her longevity, Felton remains as popular as ever, typically pulling approval ratings between the mid-fifties and low-sixties. In comparison, Margaret Thatcher’s average approval rating during her tenure was around forty percent, and Theresa May’s final approval rating of her tenure prior to her resignation as Prime Minister following a bitter defeat at the hands of the Labour Party was thirty-one percent. As such, Felton is primed to remain in power for much longer than any of her predecessors, male or female. Should she lead the party successfully through two more elections, the Prime Minister will become the longest serving of all time.

Felton is also known for her charming personality but also for her no-holds-barred approach to work. Felton occasionally is known for her rule-bending and no-nonsense attitude, which she swears by as it “improves government efficiency.” Her government is one of the most popular and most transparent in history as a result. She’s also the perfect ideological pairing for two of Panem’s most famous leaders: former President Katniss Everdeen and current President Peeta Mellark. Both are known for their close friendship with Felton and for their ideological similarities. As such, it is no surprise that the first foreign dignitary to visit the nation of Panem would be the British Prime Minister.

The trip involves a tour of the Capitol and the White House, and then sightseeing around the city. Following that, more formal diplomatic discussions will occur in private. Felton will also address a joint session of the Panem Congress, hold a joint press conference with President Mellark, and speak with the Executive Council of the Capitol.


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