Samuel Trenton running for president

Samuel Trenton, the former cabinet secretary under three administrations, three-time vice presidential nominee, and former Speaker of the House, officially kicked off his presidential campaign today in front of a District 3 power plant.

Trenton stated in his announcement speech that one of the largest issues facing Panem today was “failing infrastructure.”

Former Speaker and Civic Party vice presidential nominee Samuel Trenton (Civic-Capitol) poses for a PFP photo after a campaign event. Trenton currently serves as the Secretary of Commerce in the Canth administration and is prominently at odds with the Conservatives over fiscal policy. Hailing District 3 as an example of sound governance, Trenton pointed to the “exceptional infrastructure that we have put together in District 3 under a Civic government. Imagine what we can do together once we are in the White House.”

Trenton will face District 3 Senator Gavin Newsom in the Civic Party presidential primary, which will officially be the first-ever contested primary for the party. The competition is expected to be fierce as Trenton will represent the establishment wing of the party versus the more progressive side, which hailed Newsom as a valuable candidate.

Trenton, even with his vast governmental experience and qualifications, does come with baggage. He’s a three-time failed candidate for vice president. He’s also heavily associated with former President Cecelia Paylor, the party’s nominee for the past three elections. Party members are notoriously tired of Paylor and while Trenton would be a bit of a refresher, he will still be associated with Paylor due to his presence on the ticket.


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