Labor Rep. Sylvenia Denton filibusters education bill, causes massive controversy

Representative Sylvenia Denton (Labor-D4) drew great attention today during the proceedings of the House of Representatives for her heated speech which at times bordered on violation of the House’s code of conduct while also drawing praise from the left for its length and content.

Denton, a four-term representative from District 4, has been relegated to the backbenches, but during discussion of a House bill regarding key Liberty initiatives involving education, Denton ascended to the podium and began to filibuster the education bill. This filibuster continued for around twelve hours, requiring Denton to conform to a number of rules such as standing without leaning against the podium, staying on topic for the entire period of her speech, avoiding food, water, and restroom breaks, among other tasks.

The speech that Denton gave was controversial as it openly attacked a number of her House colleagues, the administration, and President Mellark directly. Such attacks are considered a violation of House rules but cannot be used to shut down a filibuster.

“The Liberty Party represents the worst of humanity…led by Peeta Mellark, the fascist himself, they want to rip away our children’s right to a good education, and furthermore, they want to dumb these children down so they can be subservient to their Liberty overlords. That is why I am up here. I’m up here because despite what Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark would have you believe, they want to put us back into another dictatorship. The only difference is that these people are infinitely worse than Snow.”

After about twelve hours, Speaker Constantin Richelieu declared her speech out of order on the basis on relevance as she strayed from the topic to discuss some of the actions of the Mellark administration that did not involve education. Denton protested but was once again shut down by the Speaker.

Liberty leaders such as Miranda O’Neal, the House Majority Leader, Governor Harold Cersisa of District 4, and Senator Jacob Ellsworth of District 3 expressed their displeasure, condemning her actions.

“My colleague from District 4 defiled the House with her senseless rhetoric, ensuring that the rift between Liberty and the Red/Green Coalition grows farther and farther apart. That’s not what we want, nor what we were elected to do. However, it’s become apparent that this behavior is not only accepted in the Labor Party, it has become standard,” said Representative Miranda O’Neal.

“On behalf of District 4, I would like to apologize to the nation and to my Liberty colleagues for the hateful speech that was given by Representative Denton today. I’m certain that her constituents are horrified at her actions like I am and that they will reassess her candidacy when she comes back up for reelection,” stated Governor Harold Cersisa.

“I’m horrified to hear of what happened in the House today. There’s simply no room for that sort of language in this great nation and especially not in the House chamber. It should be a great honor to serve the people as a representative, and this behavior should of course be assessed at the voting booth. Furthermore, Representative Denton should be censured at the least. That’s a punishment that would fit the crime,” declared Senator Jacob Ellsworth.

House Labor leader Teraton Wendle refused to comment on Representative Denton’s speech despite the massive outcry from Liberty leaders. The speech has gone viral throughout Panem, infuriating millions while endearing some to the representative.


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