DENTON UNHINGED: Rep. spits on Pres. Mellark and First Lady Everdeen at gala

Representative Sylvenia Denton (Labor-D4), the representative that incited national controversy for her attacks on Liberty Party members while on the floor of the House, continued her string of rebellious acts at a gala held at the White House.

Despite the incendiary speech given on the House floor to the horror of dozens of representatives, President Peeta Mellark still invited her along with all representatives to a Congressional gala hosted by the White House. However, his decision to keep the representative on the guest list was not much appreciated by Denton.

Reportedly, whenever the President and First Lady approached Denton to greet her upon arrival, the representative from District 4 greeted her hosts by spitting at their feet and raising her voice regarding their “hatred for Panem citizens.” Denton was escorted out by the presidential guard.

The Speaker of the Panem House of Representatives, Constantin Richelieu, declared that the House Ethics Committee would immediately begin an investigation into Representative Denton’s actions and would recommend a punishment to the entire House to vote upon. He also stated, “Should Representative Denton refuse to make a true, honest apology to the President and to the First Lady, we will likely begin consideration of expulsion from the House. Should she decide to apologize, we can see if we can reduce that punishment down a bit, at minimum a censure.”


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