January 1: Congress, districtwide offices inaugurated

Today, nine new Senators were inaugurated alongside four new chief executives and two new lieutenant governors. senate-inaugurationLikewise, many new representatives have been inaugurated as well. This is all due to the fifth midterm elections that were held back in November that swept these new officials into their positions.

Nine new Senators were inaugurated (in alphabetical order):

Wesley Benson (Liberty-Capitol), freshman class president
Jacob Ellsworth (Liberty-D3), freshman class vice president
Joseph Garrett (Centre-D15)
Clarke Randall (Centre-D9)
Lindsey Richards (Labor-D10)
Julie Roydon (Centre-Capitol)
Owen Talton (Liberty-D13)
Antonio Wallace (Liberty-D4)
Cedric Wallace (Labor-D8)

In the House, twenty-nine new representatives were inaugurated, nine of which were from seats that flipped parties.

In the districts, three new governors and a chief executive were inaugurated:

Celeste Armstrong (Liberty-Capitol)
Harold Cersisa (Liberty-D4)
Layla Folsom (Liberty-D8)
Serena Ross (Liberty-D5)

Also inaugurated were two lieutenant governors:

Todd Layton (Liberty-D5)
Ethan McCoy (Liberty-D8)


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