Vice President Tarson casts first-ever tiebreaker vote in Senate

Vice President Rebecca Tarson has made history today as the first vice president of Panem to cast a tiebreaker vote in her role as President of the Panem Senate.

The Senate, who voted 16 for and 16 against, turned to the Vice President in order to determine the way that the bill would go. The bill is a controversial bill regarding the creation of a no-fly list to prevent possible terrorists from attacking Panem aircraft and airports. The bill previously passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 107-93, a very tight margin, due to a number of Liberty members voting no despite the support of the Mellark administration. Proponents of the bill claim that the list would be a major preventative measure, while opponents allege that it would be a major loss for civil liberties for citizens. The member vote breakdown of the proposal was as follows:

For: Bass (D1-Lib), Delacruz (D5-Lib), Descoteaux (D14-Lib), K. Folsom (D8-Lib), L. Folsom (D8-Lib), Hampton (D2-Lib), Harrison (D4-Lib), James (D2-Lib), Oppenheim (D13-Lib), Thibault (D14-Lib), Quaker (D12-Lib), Quirius (D5-Lib), Sanford (D15-Lib), Travers (Capitol-Lib), Trent (D12-Lib), Wilkie (D7-Lib)

Against: Briscoe (D7-Lib), Canstrom (D9-Lab), Debroff (D11-Lib), Delsont (D11-Lib), Freedman (D10-Lib), Gates (Capitol-Lab), Kennedy (D6-Civ), Kramer (D6-Civ), Mann (D9-Lab), Myers (D3-Civ), Newsom (D3-Civ), Rowland (D4-Lab), Thorpe (D13-Lib), Walters (D10-Lab), Weston (D1-Lib), Yancy (D15-Lib)

The yes side consisted of sixteen Liberty senators. The no side consisted of all nine Red-Green coalition senators (five Labor, four Civic) and seven Liberty Party members.

Vice President Tarson was alerted to the situation around 3 P.M. and headed to the Capitol shortly after. The bill ultimately passed the Senate with the vote of the Vice President, who towed the administration’s position on the controversial bill. The bill will now head to the President’s desk, where it is expected to be signed.


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