BREAKING: D4 Liberty Party opts for massive shakeup of midterm candidates

BREAKING: Internal sources from the District 4 Liberty Party are confirming that the slate of candidates that the party is putting forward for the upcoming midterm elections is set to be reshuffled.

The previous slate was the following:

Governor/Lieutenant Governor: Tony Wallace/Aaron Evanston

Senate Seat 1: Cassidy Albert

Senate Seat 2: Charlton Harrison

The Panem Free Press can confirm that the following slate is set to be nominated following withdrawals of candidacy:

Governor/Lieutenant Governor: Harold Cersisa/Aaron Evanston

Senate Seat 1: Tony Wallace

Senate Seat 2: Charlton Harrison

With the entry of Tony Wallace into the race for District 4’s first Senate seat, we can officially move our prediction to Liberty gain as Governor Wallace’s popularity will likely sweep over the unpopular Katrina Rowland and unknown Centre nominee Meredith Boeing.

In the case of presidential chief of staff and former Vice President Harold Cersisa’s entry into the governor’s race, our prediction will change from Lean Liberty to Liberty Hold. The decision by Cersisa to enter the race will send shockwaves nationwide, however, as the decision will affect the Mellark administration.


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