President Mellark visits coalition forces in Oceania; meets with gov. officials w/ Sec. Oswald

President Peeta Mellark (Liberty-D12) traveled on Monday to the People’s Republic of Oceania in order to visit with coalition forces in the region, according to press secretary Melanie DeFrancis.

The move puts the President at risk of an attack in a war-torn region, but shows confidence in the military placed there. President Mellark has been a leader in the movement to eliminate the Oceanian Empire terrorist group, a movement that has been marked by success since the President’s involvement began. Most recently was the capture of the Oceanian Empire’s headquarters in Qingdao and Dalian along with the capture of the organization’s leader, Zhihao Kuang.

The President was greeted with much fervor by coalition forces, who by and far revere Mellark. He spoke with many individual servicemembers, thanking them for their service in the war, and then spoke with the military leadership on future strategy for the region. It has been noted by many international leaders, including President Mellark, that while the war in Oceania is over, the region is still highly unstable due to the removal of the Oceanian Empire and as such, the region must remain in the control of the coalition forces.

The President also flew with Secretary of State Celine Oswald from Qingdao to the new Oceanian capital of Taipei to meet with the foreign minister, Zedong Lin, and the president of Oceania, Shaiming Ho. The four discussed the future of the Oceanian government, Panem-Oceanian foreign relations, and the occupation by coalition forces. Relations between Panem and Oceania have been notably tenuous, with Oceania suspending relations with Panem following the coalition’s invasion onto Oceanian soil following repeated pleas from Panem to help subdue the Oceanian Empire. It is also expected that these talks will be the first of many between coalition country leaders and the Oceanian government.


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