First Lady Katniss Everdeen gives birth to first child

Former President, Liberty National Committee chair, and First Lady Katniss Everdeen gave birth today to her first child. A girl, the child will be named Delia Mellark, taking President Peeta Mellark’s last name. Delia weighs 7 pounds and 5 ounces and was born at 11:23 A.M.

Delia Mellark is the first child to be born to a President of Panem during their term. Though other presidents have had children (see Cecelia Paylor, whose children were grown before her time as president), Delia Mellark will be the first First Daughter to be born during her father’s presidency and the first First Child to inhabit the White House. At the end of President Mellark’s first term, Delia will be just over two and a half years old.

Delia Mellark also is the first child of the President and the First Lady. Though being married for many years, President Mellark and First Lady Everdeen have refrained from having children, particularly due to the strain of the public eye and due to the latter’s presidency. However, towards the beginning of the Mellark administration, Everdeen became pregnant. The First Lady declined multiple interviews regarding her pregnancy, rather stating to the press, “Yes, I’m having a baby, but that doesn’t mean I deserve any more attention than the other mothers of Panem who my husband will fight for each and every day.”


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