BREAKING: OE headquarters captured by coalition forces, leader in custody

BREAKING: The Panem Free Press now has confirmation from intelligence sources that the coalition forces, led by Panem military units, have successfully raided and captured the headquarters of the Oceanian Empire in both Qingdao and Dalian. The mission, which was conducted in complete secrecy, occurred overnight. There were several fatalities on the side of the Oceanian Empire and none on the side of the coalition forces. 

It is also confirmed that the leader of the group, Zhihao Kuang, has been captured as well as many of the other members of OE’s leadership. Documents were seized detailing operations and missions of the OE.

The President, according to sources from within the White House, will issue an address to the people within two hours.

UPDATE: The President addressed the nation regarding the mission tonight:

“My fellow citizens: Tonight is a historic and successful night. As of around 2:00 AM Central Standard Time, coalition forces led by Panem’s finest soldiers conducted a covert operation in order to capture the cities of Qingdao and Dalian that were previously under the control of the Oceanian Empire terrorist group. I can confirm to you tonight that our mission was successful. The Oceanian Empire has fallen. The leadership of the OE, including Zhihao Kuang, are in the custody of our forces who will continue to extract the information needed to completely wipe out this threat to our homeland. However, I can say to you tonight for certain that the war in Oceania is over.”

The speech is already being heralded as one of the most iconic moments of President Mellark’s first term. It also puts another check on the list of objectives for his first term as president; if and when Mellark seeks a second term as president, this moment will be remembered by the citizens of Panem.


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